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Ben’s Angry Birds Strategy

If you don’t know the game Angry Birds then this may not make sense to you.

For those of you that know Angry Birds read on.

I was playing angry birds on the iphone with Ben, my little brother who is 6, when we got to a level we couldn’t get through.  We couldn’t work out how to beat those stinking pigs with our 4 birds and a slingshot.

So Ben ran off into the other room and came back with a pen and paper and created a strategy for how we were going to do it.

See his strategy above.

He gave me this ‘strategic document’ when I left and for some reason I found myself thinking about it days later.

It reminds us how important a plan of attack is.

It reminds us that a plan of attack is even more powerful if it is written down and documented.

It reminds us of how kids just go for it.
(Could he actually draw the trajectory for each bird, did he know the structural weaknesses of the structure the pigs were in, could he actually draw a bird?)  But that didn’t stop him from making a plan.

It reminds us that some things just can’t be done online.
(Long live a paper and pen for expressing thoughts and creativity without being limited by a keyboard or a software program.)

What is your strategy for bringing down the stinky pigs that are in the way of your goals?

Have you bothered writing it down anywhere?

Don’t be limited by what you don’t know (you can always learn).

Do more offline.

What are you waiting for?

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