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From Niggles to Giggles

Injuries, big or small, are frustrating
They are annoying
They are painful
They are niggling
They slow our progress
They squash our motivation
They smother our enthusiasm

I was injured recently and complaining about my injury to a friend (see above for how I felt about my injury), and he said to me…

“Don’t worry.  Injuries are just part of training”.

I said:  “But they shouldn’t be and they are frustrating”.

He said  “Accept it.  Injuries are part of training, like colds are part of winter.  Don’t be surpised when they come along.  No matter how hard we try to avoid injuries, if you’re training hard enough injuries and niggles will happen. So don’t waste time getting frustrated when you get injured because it’s all part of training.  Instead of feeling sorry for yourself – concentrate on working through it and move on to getting it better.”

I liked this way of thinking.

You get injured – it’s not the end of the world (or your training).
You work out why it happened, you change your training, you adapt, you re-focus, you take that injury seriously, you do rehab and you get better.

It’s not easy, but being injured is not an excuse to stop, it’s just part of the training.

Have you got a niggle or an injury, well done on training hard enough to get one.

Talk to a professional.

Listen to your body and repair so you can move onto the next phase of training with increased awareness and vigour.

Work through it.

What are you waiting for?

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