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Hot long & relaxed Need some magic in your pants?

I have come across some amazing new products this week that are must have!

Chili infused bra

This bra makes your breasts perky and hot!  Compare without the bra – saggy, to with the bra – bam!

Carrot infused finger nail caps

Struggling with growing your finger nails?  All you have to do is put on these nail caps for 12 days and using the power of carrots your finger nails with grow long and strong, like carrots!

Smooth Avotune

This one is a must have for stressed people – an avocado infused relaxation cd that was mixed by a massage therapist.  When you listen to it the avocado infusion mixes with the vibes from the massage therapist to deliver you a smooth  like avacodo relaxation experience like no other.

Caffeine Magic Pants

Compression pants infused with caffeine, ‘cosmetic ingredients’ and magic!  They will help you lose inches and shed kilos if you wear them every day for a month (did I mention the are magic?)

In case you’re having a slow day I made up the first three products and a company ProSkins made up the fourth one!
Proskins has one of the biggest loser trainers Tiffany Hall (who I’m a big fan of) running around being an ambassador for their magic product but come on ladies – you’re smarter than that.

Compression garments have been around for years to reduce swelling in the medical industry and more recently in the fitness industry.

Is it the chili in the bra that makes your boobs perky or the fact that you’re wearing a bra? What happens when you take the bra off?
Is it the caffeine and magic in the pants or that fact that the pants are tight that causes a temporary effect on leg circulation and swelling (if any).
What happens when you take the pants off?

Lacing pants with caffeine is magic…. Marketing magic to help a company make a name for itself in an increasingly overcrowded market space.

It got me talking about the product and no doubt some of you will Google them now.  But before you buy a pair do me a favour and try this


Tomorrow morning instead of sitting at a café drinking coffee and eating a muffin – pour the coffee on your pants (much cheaper than other products) and go for a run at the tan and eat egg white and spinach omelet afterwards for breakfast.

Do this every day for a month and see the results.

Forget the fads – eat well, train hard, get results.

New 5 week block of running training starts October 11th 
Circuits are back in October!

What are you waiting for?

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