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Running Loves You

Who am I?

I’m good for your body
I help you tone and shape
I’m good for your mind
I help clear your head when you need to

I bring you sense of achievement
I momentarily use your energy and give you even more back in return
I make you breath heavy and send you a rush of endorphins
I’m 100% natural, no artificial  colours or flavours

You can do me anywhere, anytime, indoors or outdoors
You don’t need any equipment or other people
You can do me day or night

I ask for little in return
You don’t even need to want to do me
You don’t need to love me
You don’t even need to like me

You don’t need to do me everyday
If you’ve neglected me for weeks or even years you can still come back at any time
But the more you do me, the more you want to do me and the more you’ll get back in return

I am running …. And I love you

Whatever you look like, whatever you feel like
I love your body and I love your mind

How many other things in your life would give you so much and ask for so little in return?

Next time you think of me… don’t sigh, don’t groan, don’t say you hate me or that you can’t do me
You’re body was build to do me – don’t fight it, do it and keep doing it

Maybe one day you could even learn to love me in return.

Next time someone tells you ‘they can’t run’ or ‘they hate running’ – tell them ‘RUNNING LOVES YOU’.

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What are you waiting for?

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