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The Big O

I watched the final “Oprah” last Friday night and the show resonated with me.  Oprah’s words and her messages were fantastic.
For those of you who saw the show, hopefully you know what I mean.
For those of you who didn’t see the show, read on to see what you missed out on.
Her last show was back in the studio, with her talking in front of a studio audience.  She had a few key messages for us, her viewing audience, and these are the messages that she told, (as interpreted by me – I’m sure you could find a copy of her last show on the internet or a transcript if you want to hear it from the O’s mouth instead).
1 – You are responsible for the way you are.
Don’t blame you parents, your genetics, the place you were born, the school you went to, your workplace, your partner or anyone else.  You are responsible for your life and you can change it whenever you like
2 – We are all energy, so be responsible for the energy you bring into a room.
This is so true – we all know that feeling when we’re around someone with great energy vs someone who drains you.  You can choose that energy – choose it wisely and you can help yourself feel better and others.
3 – You are worthy.
This one is my favourite. You are worthy of whatever it is that you dream of.  You deserve it, you are good enough and no one is more worthy that you are.  Too many amazing people (especially women) have low self-confidence and that is a crime.  You are more amazing and more worthy than you know and if you don’t start believing that… who else will?
4 – What is your life whispering to you?
You know those niggling thoughts and feelings, the messages you keep getting in different ways in your life?  These reoccurring nudges that your life keeps giving you shouldn’t be ignored.  What is your life whispering to you?  Respond to that whisper before it becomes a scream.
What great messages.   Oprah this is why we love you.
What is your life whispering for you and are you brave enough to listen?
What are you waiting for?

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