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Which voice will you follow

“Stop! It hurts! You’re going to damage yourself – your heart should not be beating this hard” screamed one part of my brain.

“Sh*t up! You’ve trained hard for this! You deserve to keep going – push yourself.  You owe it to yourself not to stop” screamed the other part of my brain.

“You are not an exercise queen.  What are you doing?  You know you have a bad ankle, knee and hip and you might damage them” said the voice that wanted me to stop.

“Your training has made them stronger – they are OK – how will you know if they are better if you stop?” reasoned the other voice.

I heard someone say once that the biggest competitor in running is yourself and now I know what they mean.  I didn’t know which voice to listen to as I tried to suck oxygen into my lungs willing my legs to keep moving, placing one foot in front of the other over and over and over again.

Then I realised, I’d heard these voices before…

(Cue alarm clock going off at 5:45am on Tuesday and Thursday mornings)

“It’s warm and cosy in bed under this lovely doona.  It’s freezing cold and dark outside – you don’t want to go out there”  I had gotten up, peeled the doona off and headed out to the cold, dark banks of the Yarra.

“It’s comfortable in bed and 10 more minutes won’t hurt – besides no-one is going to know if you don’t go”  I had warmed up, done high knees and kickbacks (totally foreign concepts) and hills and fartlek training (the word still makes me giggle! – let’s call them intervals!) and kms and kms of different combinations at the Tan.

“I know you set yourself a goal of running 10km without stopping – but it won’t really matter if you don’t…”

…I’d heard these voices before and knew which voice to listen to…

At that moment I realised that I could do this, I could keep going.  I had to keep going.  There was no other option.  Yes – it hurt, but it was totally exhilarating and totally worth it.

The second voice in my head won on Sunday morning!  And so did I!  Not only do I feel fitter and stronger on the outside and healthier and more energetic on the inside – I am doing something for me!  I set myself a goal, put time aside and did the hard work (with the guidance of the lovely ladies at Carpe Diem) and reaped the benefits by overcoming that little voice in my head that tells me that I can’t and running the full 10kms of Run Melbourne (fist pump as I cross the finish line)!

Hhhmmmm… maybe I need an IPOD for when I have a go at the half marathon

This was written after Cath ran the 10kms at Run Melbourne in July

Last week she ran the half marathon.  Congratulations!

Listen to the voice which leads you towards your goals.. like Cath did.

Which voice are you listening to?

What are you waiting for?

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