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Who won? Who cares?

I had the pleasure of going along to watch my sister’s netball team play this week.   A team of 8 year old girls playing netball is a great sight.  If you haven’t had the pleasure of seeing this let me paint the picture for you.  One girl gets the ball, 90% of the team stands within a 1 meter radius of that girl, all with arms straight up in the air calling frantically for the ball.  The girl with the ball somehow manages to lollipop pass the ball sky high over the sea of outstretched arms to one of her team mates, the swarm of girls shifts to her like bees to honey!  This continues for the entire match. (If you’re not allowed in the part of the court where the ball is you fill your time with cartwheels and hand stands).   It was fantastic.  There were lots of things that amazed me about that game (including how great my sister was!) but there was two things in particular that I’ll borrow your precious time to share with you.

The first is this..

most of the time when a girl caught one of the lollipop passes the first thing she did was look a little shocked and surprised that she actually caught it, the second thing she’d do is turn to the sidelines with a massive grin to see who was watching.  To see that her parents or big brothers and sisters saw their achievement of catching the ball and to see their nod of encouragement and recognition.  It reminded me so much of how much we all love and thrive on acknowledgement.  It’s not why we do something, but it sure is nice when you get some.  We are so careful to acknowledge and congratulate children on every achievement no matter how great or small, but we don’t do the same for our partners and peers.  When was the last time you gave someone a nod of recognition for something small they have done?  For a small improvement, for work they’re doing, for efforts they’re making or for just being themselves. Maybe you could think of someone to pat on the back today?

The second thing was..

at the end of the match i high five’d my goal shooting champion sister and we had this conversation:

“Well done, great game what was the score?”
“6 to 4!”
“Did you win?  Which team was 6 and which was 4?”
She looks at me, shrugs her shoulders “I don’t know” and skips off down the court to play with her friends.

Who won?  Who cares?  She couldn’t have cared less.  They’re just there to have a good time.

Moral of the story
When we were younger we got a pat on the back for catching each and every pass.
As we get older we are lucky to get acknowledgment even if we win.

Pat someone on the back for catching the ball.  Forget about who’s winning and just have fun.

What are you waiting for?

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