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Breakfast out!

Eating breakfast out is great!  It is practically a Melbourne religion. I love trying out new cafes and seeing if their coffee is up to scratch and what twists they’ve put on the standard breakfasts.  If you’re a big breakfast socialiser or breakfast meeting goer you might find yourself in someone else’s kitchen for breakfast more often than your own.  If that is the case and you’re trying to stay lean or lose weight you may need to keep your choices in check to make sure you’re ‘eating breakfast out’ habit doesn’t stop you from feeling feeling good and reaching your goals.  Here are some suggestions and tips to help us enjoy eating breakfast in someone else’s kitchen:


  • 2 eggs are a great choices.  Go for poached, boiled, omelette or scrambled (scrambled can sometimes be very creamy and rich depending on the café).
  • Choose dishes that have the following in it or choose sides such as: spinach, asparagus, zucchini, mushrooms, tomato, avocado, smoked salmon.
  • Sides at cafes can sometimes be small and expensive so pick a breakfast that comes with a lot of the good stuff!  Vegetarian breakfasts are sometimes a good option.
  • A lot of breakfasts out consist of oversized pieces of toast (and two of them at that).   To decrease the temptation to eat it all ask them to hold the bread and give you extra veggies if you’re trying to stay lean / lose weight.  If you want bread ask for 1 piece of sourdough, multigrain or wholemeal bread.
  • If vegetable fritters are an option this can be a good choice instead of bread.
  • If they have egg white omelettes that’s a good choice.
  • A small amount of feta or ricotta is ok if that is part of the breakfast also.
  • Small amounts of deli meats like ham or prosciutto are ok.

Muesli / Porridge

  • Can be a good choice but depends on the cafe.
  • Serving sizes for muesli, bircher muesli and porridges vary but are often be too big.   If you want to go for these options and the serving is big just don’t eat it all.
  • If they list the ingredients of the muesli and it’s made up mostly of oats, nuts, seeds and fresh fruit that is a plus.  Steer clear of granolas (high in sugar).
  • Yoghurts added can be high in sugar.  Look for words like natural yoghurt and labne although that doesn’t mean they are not sweet.
  • If they come with honey, syrups or compotes – ask for it on the side so you can add it as you please.

Go easy

  • Steer clear or stick to small amounts of bacon, sausage, chorizo, hollandaise sauce, hash browns if you’re trying to stay lean / lose weight.
  • Avocado on toast is often an option but can pack a lot of calories if it is a big serve.
  • Muffins, slices, croissants, pancakes, fruit toast are not good choices for breakfast if you are trying to stay lean or lose weight.


  • Only go for the fruit juices if they are freshly squeezed.
  • Freshly juiced vegetable juice are great in the morning if they offer it.  Carrot, celery, apple, beetroot, ginger is a good combination.


  • Stick with 1 coffee.  If you often have more than 1 coffee, try to have 1 strong coffee rather than 2 weak lattes.
  • Some of us are drinking a lot of milk us in order to get our hit of coffee.  Steer clear of large sizes  or big mugs.
  • Try a ¾ size latte, a long macchiato or an espresso to see how you like it.   You get the same amount of coffee,  just less milk.

Good spots for a healthy breakfast

  • Pillar of Salt in Richmond do an awesome pumpkin and rocket salad with poached egg, feta and pomegranates!  YUM!
  • Salford Lads Clubs in Port Melbourne do a yummy egg white and spinach omlette.
  • Chez Dre in South Melbourne do a nice eggs and asparagus breakfast.


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