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Learn Do Be whatever you want to be

We all want instant results and sometimes we can get them.. for a little while until we fall off the wagon and go back to what ever it is we used to be.

When you want to be something for good (not just for a few weeks or for the short term), when you want a change that sets in for the foreseeable future – whatever it may be, you have to learn do be what ever it is you want to be.

I want to be someone who doesn’t eat processed food.

I want to be a fit person who works out regularly.

I want to be someone who has their diet and eating under control.

We all start with wanting the outcome, with wanting the be.

When you want to be and you try to be without taking time to learn you usually fail and end up back where you began.  You fall off the wagon for lots of different reasons, and I really think it isn’t because you lack willpower or motivation – I think it is because you lack some type of knowledge about the change you’re trying to make or that thing you want to be and why.  Without that knowledge you lack the power that the knowledge brings.

You have to want to learn and make the decision to learn and this is different to deciding to just stick to some cookie cutter plan or short term regime.  To learn means you need to put in effort, to understand and to think.  You may have to get help.  You have to work out the facts and figures and how you feel about them, you have to work out why, what, when and how. You have to get a perspective and an opinion and get informed.  Learning takes effort.

Then somewhere amongst that learning you need to make the decision and take a leap to do.

I have heard the saying “to know and not to do is not to know“.

I like this saying but I don’t like the word ‘know’ because that makes it sound like there is nothing left to learn and that’s not reality.   There is always something to learn and thankgoodness for that or life would be very boring.  And you learn more by doing.

But the saying is right –  knowledge without action will get you no where.

So once when learn enough (remembering that we cannot wait for ‘knowing’ and ‘perfectionism’ and ‘no doubts’.. because you’ll be waiting for a long time), when we learn enough, we can start to do.

When you do, you get your hands dirty, you make mistakes, you try, you fall over, you have wins, you have set backs, you work out how these facts and figures and strategies and thoughts fit into your life, how you really feel about the change you’re trying to make and what works for you.

You learn.

And then you do some more.

Doing takes effort because it is not what you normally do – so you need to think about it and plan it and decide it. You need to make decisions to do over and over and that takes effort and energy and over time persistence.

But the beautiful thing about being someone who keeps on doing is that after you keep on doing for a while, slowly but surely the doing just becomes being… you don’t need to constantly think, plan and decide.. you just do and then you are – whatever it is that you wanted to be.

All of a sudden you went from thinking you should stop putting two sugars in every coffee to being someone who has no sugar in their coffee.

You went from someone who never works out to being someone who works out 3 or 4 times a week.

You went from someone who ate Weetbix for breakfast everyday to being someone who eats eggs and veggies for brekkie most days.

You went from a smoker to being a non smoker.

You went from someone who was 10 kilos too heavy and struggling with weight to being someone who is 10 kilos lighter and is staying that way.

You went from someone who barely moved or exercised to being someone who walks everyday and enjoys it.

You went from someone who never eats fish to being someone who eats salmon twice a week.

This doesn’t happen from just doing 10 day detoxs and 30 day challenges – that may be part of the journey but that isn’t enough. It comes from learning and doing… and learning and doing and learning and doing..

And it is worth it because learning and doing may take effort but being does not – do you agree?

What are you waiting for?

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