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I went to Secret Walls during the week.  It is an event where two street artists start with a blank wall some black textas (seriously the biggest black textas you’ve ever seen – I don’t even known how they used them!), some paint and 90 minutes to create a piece of art.

At the end of the 90 minutes there are 3 votes to decide on the winner.  The loudest crowd cheer gives 1 vote and 2 other judges give a vote each.

It wasn’t the most entertaining thing at first but towards the end it was awesome.  It was amazing watching them create something that most of us couldn’t do in a lifetime, in only 90 minutes, with the pressure of a crowd watching, with the pressure of crowd cheer determining a winner and with the possibility of being a loser.

They had to put themselves out there and be vulnerable.  That is something so many of us are not very good at.  We are so scared of being the loser.

But really what did they have to lose… there wasn’t even really a loser on the night.  Two amazing bits of art were created, the crowd was entertained, their profiles were lifted and the second place getter only missed out by a few decibels!

The losers are the street artists that are too scared to participate.

The losers are the people who have the ability to do art but are too scared to let themselves try.

The losers are the people who never allow themselves to be vulnerable.

The losers are the passengers, existing in the comfort zone.

Be vulnerable, show up,  participate, live big.

What are you waiting for?

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