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A birthday treat

Carpe Diem Wellbeing is committed to helping women get fitter and to have more fun doing that through group training. However we do have 1 male client. He was mine and Lauren’s first personal training client and we have been training together ever since.  When we turned our focus to group training for women we held on to this one special client (for so many reasons) and today I know exactly why we did.

Let’s call him Mr A.

I got a text last night from Mr A saying that he could fit in an extra session this morning if I had time.I had no sessions on so I said ok and set the alarm to meet him at the gym this morning for a boxing session.

Now we’ve been training together for a few years and I should have known something about this day but due to a lack of facebook reminders or a good client management system I didn’t know..  that it was his birthday.

In his first sentence he blurted out that it was his birthday with a proud grin!  I instantly felt a little bad that I didn’t know … but I mentally took out the burpees from the session and we were even.

We had a great workout and at the end of the session as I walked away from the gym I also had a proud grin on my face and I couldn’t stop thinking about how he had chosen to do a session on his birthday.

It may not seem like that big a deal, but to me there is a massive amount of meaning and symbolism behind him wanting to do a session on the morning of his birthday.  It speaks volumes about where his mindset is at in terms of his health, fitness and wellbeing.

We are taught that our birthday is a day to treat ourselves and to enjoy life.   It’s your day to celebrate life and do what you want.

A birthday is a day when some people choose not to work or to not workout because you don’t do things that are chores on your birthday.

But he chose to workout and would have done so with or without me.  So what does that mean?

It means he doesn’t think that working out is a chore.
It means he enjoys working out.
It means working out is a way he treats himself.
It means he wants to workout.
It means movement and exercise is part of his life and part of his
celebration of life.

This makes me SO happy you have no idea. This is a big deal in my eyes.
This is better than a 10 kilo weight loss or a big pair of biceps.

This is a fit mindset.

This is proof of behaviour change.
This is a changed person.
This is what it is all about.

Being fit is a collection of good habits and choices and look at the choice that he made.
Happy Birthday Mr A.

You are literally an inspiration to us all.


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