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Danger Zone Are you writing cheques your body can't cash?

I went to see Top Gun at the moonlight cinemas last night.

So many great moments and lines in that movie.

It is hard to pick a favorite, but if I had to, my favorite line would have to be:

“Your ego is writing cheques your body can’t cash”.

How good is that line.

Have you written any cheques that your body can’t cash lately?

I hope so.

Pretty boring if you haven’t  – sounds like you’re living in the comfort zone.
Don’t you want to be in the.. Danger zone!!

How are you going to improve, stretch yourself and step it up to the next level?

Write the cheque – set the goal

With your ego – not your brain – don’t over think it

Go earn cash – go train hard

And the cheque will clear – you’ll reach your goal.

Don’t be soft.  Write a goal that your body can’t currently reach and then go get it.

If you’ve written a cheque that involves running in an event or getting fitter – you can come earn some good cash in our running sessions.  They start next week.  Join now.

What are you waiting for?

PS – In case you’re wondering I am currently listening to “Danger zone”.  Download it now and add it to your workout music collection!

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