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Food as medicine

Food can cause health issues

Food can cure health issues

It’s not new news but when will we learn?

Don’t bury your head in the sand.  Don’t say it’s too confusing.

You cannot rely on tv advertising or magazines to tell you the truth and educate you on food.  They don’t care about you – they just want to sell you something.

Keep learning about food and nutrition, bit by bit, read and watch what you can and then form your own opinions.

But one thing can’t be denied.

Processed and packaged unnatural food = health issues

Healthy natural food = healthier bodies

If you have 17 spare minutes watch this great video about using food to cure.

If you don’t have 17 spare minutes – find a way to watch this anyway – watch it while you eat or watch it instead of watching tv.

(Dr. Wahls refers to American diets but considering the latest batch of Australian Biggest Losers are the biggest in the world – I think it also applies to Aussies!)

YouTube Preview Image


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