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I eat cooked food #justsaying

I was reading about a new diet book this week and one of the sales cries was “live your healthiest life”.

I  also can’t help but notice that eating “raw” is now THE uber trendy thing to do and a lot people have started describing the was they eat as “Clean eating”.

There seems to be a hint of snobbery turning up in the way people eat and how they classify their way of eating.

Each to their own I say and I’m all for being healthy –  I run a fitness and wellbeing business afterall.

But a few comments, I just have to make:

If you make your goal to ‘live your healthiest possible life’.. you may miss out on a lot of fun.  Healthiest possible… sounds intense to me –  i can already feel the guilty talk coming on as I even think about aspiring to that.

And what does eating clean even mean? I know, I know it means no junk.. but just make sure when you ‘eat clean’ you don’t get too sterile in your approach.

And to the raw foodies out there.  Good luck to you.. but I just can’t join you.

If you’re keen to living your rawest, cleanest, healthiest life.  Good on you.

But alas it all sounds a bit too extreme for me.  I’m pretty happy with a bit of cooked dirty food in my life, as well as some raw food too.

Anyone else interested in a tad more balance in their life you’ve come to the right place.

I know that they say ‘all you have is your health’  but you only have that so that you can have a life.. yeah?

Stress less about being perfect and the latest fads and find your own way to eat and live that works for you.

What are you waiting for?

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