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Is motivation bullsh.t?


You could spend hours reading about motivation, why we need it and how to get more of it.

But what is it?  A mood? A driving force?  A theory?

Seriously do we really need it that badly.. or it is a nice to have?

Out of the 10,000’s of training sessions that each Olympian did to make it to the Olympics how many of those sessions do you think they were  feeling motivated to do?  Do you think Usain Bolt didn’t feel like training some afternoons but did it anyway?  Do you think Sally Pearson woke up already dressed in her two piece before the alarm even went off because she was so motivated?

I have no doubt they always had a vision with them.. but motivation I don’t think so.

If you had to ‘feel motivated’ before you went to work in the morning, how many times this month would you have gone to work?

If you had to ‘be motivated’ to attend class at school, how often would you have been there?

Social media seems to be a motivation-orgy at the moment.  Twitter and Facebook are full of motivational pictures, words and sayings. But are they helping you get more done?

Are you going to wait for the right ‘mood’ to hit before you get stuff done?

Do you need to be ‘in the mood’ to workout and eat well?

Are you going to be a slave to your daily emotions?

I’d prefer to be like Bolt.

Get a vision, get out there and get going.

Motivation… it’s bullsh!t.

What do you think?

What are you waiting for?  (hopefully not motivation!)

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Yes, motivation is bullshit when instead of getting on with stuff and getting it done you spend time just reading quotes or worst still just uploading quotes.

Although, there are occasions when you do need to hear a positive quote.

The best way is to get up and get on with it and make it a routine!