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Not here for a long time

We are delicate

We are tough


We are fragile

We are resilient


We are weak

We are strong


We are bones and muscle

We are feelings and personality


We have choice

We have no choice


We are not here for a long time

We are here till the end


Whenever the end may be


Between now and the end, the path is yours to mould and navigate

You will have to create your path around what the world throws at you


Sometimes you’ll be able to dodge and continue unchanged

Sometimes you can’t dodge and you will be forced to change your direction, you will be slowed in your tracks, you will be forced to take a different route


Sometimes we have choice

Sometimes we have no choice


When you have a choice, small or big, silly or significant, make it a good one, make it from your gut, make it brave and make it matter


You create your path with each and every choice, thought and action, each and every day

How you say thanks for your coffee, whether or not you work out, where you choose to work, what you eat, where you go for holidays, how you treat your body, how you treat your family, the bullsh!t excuses you tell yourself, the goals you choose to go for, the way you spend your money, the way you spend your time


And then sometimes you’ll be thrown something and you won’t be able to dodge


We’re not here for a long time


We’re here for a good time

We’re here for a great time


You’re here for whatever reason you choose

You’re here because you are YOU


And no one is more you than you


Choose things that make you better and mould your path to move you closer to your reason, whatever it may be

because sometimes you won’t have a choice and we’re not here for a long time.


What are you waiting for?

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