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This is one of my favourite breakfasts and is SO easy.

Full of protein, veggies and good fats – sounds like a perfect start to the day!  (And it tastes great!)


  • Small fry pan


  • Up to 3 eggs – you can use whole eggs or a combo of yolks and separated whites depending on how you roll.  Best to use organic pastured eggs or free range, Omega 3 eggs.
  • Couple mushrooms
  • Tomato
  • Big handful of baby spinach
  • Any other vegies you want to throw in there – left over vegies from dinner (zuchinni, pumpkin etc)
  • Any spices you want to throw in – I use a good sprinkling of Dukkah
  • Avocado (you can have this on its own or mix with a little ricotta!)
  • Dash of cold pressed olive oil or a bit of butter


1. Chop up mushrooms, tomato and other veiges you want to add

2. Wash the baby spinach – no need to chop this up

3. In a small bowl / cup  beat the eggs


1. Pop your fry pan onto a medium heat

2. Throw the chopped vegies into the fry pan with the dukkah (or other spices) and a dash of oil for a couple minutes (just till they get a bit of heat through them)

3. Throw in the baby spinach until it starts to wilt (this wont take long), then dump all the vegies out of the fry pan onto a plate.

4. Put the beaten egg into the pan and leave it to cook for a few minutes.

5. Once it is looking solid (no more runny liquid), throw the vegies on top of the egg and them fold the egg in half so the vegies are on the inside of the omlette.

6. Leave this on the heat for another 30 seconds or so then it is done!

Serve with 1/4 of an avocado on the side.




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