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Revive to Thrive Recovery is the key to more energy and better results

Some of you may be aware of how important rest and recovery is for elite athletes.
When in training, athletes take strategic breaks during an individual session, within a weekly training cycle and at specific times during the year.

We all know AFL so we can use that as an example:

Players are rested and substituted on and off during a game and rest in between the quarters.  (Rest during a particular session).

Think about those visuals of AFL footy players in the freezing cold water at St. Kilda beach in the middle of winter. (Rest and recovery within a weekly cycle).

At the end of the footy season players have a month or two off to rest and recover before pre-season starts again.  (Rest within a yearly cycle).

Rest and recovery are so important in helping footy players to get ready to perform again at a high level.  Pushing through without rest will decrease their performance and lead to a injury and burn out.

Another point to note is that doing specific things for recovery can also better than doing nothing.
Have you ever felt stiff and sore form a workout and felt better once you walked and stretched or used a foam roller?  Doing something helped you recover more quickly than just sitting and resting.

Some of you may be aware of how important rest and recovery is for all of us, whether or not we are elite athletes.
Hopefully we all want to be feeling energetic and performing at our best throughout our day. So the question is how can we apply this knowledge to our day to day lives at work?

What strategic breaks and rest periods do you take when doing a piece of work or within a day?

What rest sessions do you have scheduled during your working week?

What rest and holidays away from work do you have to revive during a year?

If you’re not taking rests and breaks throughout the day how can you possibly be performing at your best?

Just take 1 minute to think about it.  Do you take breaks and what do you do in the break?

Do you take breaks but don’t feel like they re-energise you?  What do you do in your breaks? Surf the web, eat lunch at your desk, make phonecalls?

Do you never take time out because you’re too busy or don’t feel like you need it?

Maybe you’re actually making yourself more tired and decreasing your performance by pushing through then if you took time out to re-focus and recharge.

If you manage people – are you making sure they take breaks.  I would be enforcing it, just like AFL coaches do.

Schedule in the rest, put it in your diary and take the recovery whether you feel like you need it or not – within the day, week and year.  You’re performance will improve.

What are you waiting for?

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