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Bossy tongue? Are you tastebuds running the show?

We all know those foods that we eat purely for our taste buds.

What about the foods we eat purely for our insides?  Those things that aren’t necessarily our favorite foods and meals but we know they are packed full of nutrients and vitamins.

Do you eat anything purely for your insides without considering your tastebuds?  Or do your taste buds rule the show in your body?

If you are NOT eating a particular wholesome food simply because you don’t like the taste of it – that’s a pretty selfish move on your part.  You’re insides, your organs, your tissues, your cells are all missing out, all because you think spinach taste like dirt or coke is tastier than green tea or vegetable juice.

Do you ever ask yourself these questions when considering what to eat… “What do I feel like eating for dinner tonight?”  “What would be the easiest / quickest / cheapest thing to eat for lunch?”

What about asking yourself  – “What does my body need today?”

Well.. “I haven’t had any green vegetables all day – probably should include some at dinner?  Plus I haven’t had any fish this week.. prob should include some of that too?”  or “haven’t had any protein all morning so should probably put down the muesli bar and reach for some turkey.”

Maybe you next need to ask the question – “Why do I eat?”

Because food tastes good?

Because you’re bored?

Because you’re hungry?

I think in the end we need to eat to nourish the body.

I’m not suggesting that there should be no pleasure in food.  Food can be fantastic and delicious.

I’m not suggesting that good nourishing food can’t taste amazing – it can and it does.

I’m just wondering how many of you eat with your tastebuds… a little too often.

How about choosing a meal or snack in the next few days that is just for your tummy?

What are you waiting for?



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