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3 Ways to be Fit, Fun & Free

Fit – 1000 Steps

Looking to mix up your fitness routine? Keen to connect with nature?

Get on up to The 1000 Steps in Upper Ferntree Gully, we know it’s a hike, but just wait ’til you see the pics – SO worth it!

You can opt to pace yourself up those steps OR if you’re up for the challenge:

– Park at the very bottom car park & jog/run in 30seconds on at 100% pace 30seconds of active recovery at about 70% of your maximum pace

– When you reach the steps continue the intervals; fast stepping/light jogging up the stairs for 30 seconds and slower stepping for 30 seconds (where possible on the slower steps, try to double up, taking 2 at a time to really feel the burn)

– When the top is in site go all out and RUN – you’ll feel amazing!

– If you’re up for an extra challenge why not smash out some push ups (at the pushup station) – just so that, that upper body can feel the love too 😉

544843_10151507986521971_1564241973_n-1 969401_10151507986431971_820783450_n-1

P.S. Not up for the trip or don’t have the time? Good news, this steps work out can be done on any steps. In, fact I used to do it in my office building with 14 levels. Instead of every thirty seconds, you can change it up to each flight i.e. one flight single steps and one flight double to the top! Rest and recover on the way down; rise and repeat! As always everything is more awesome with friends – drag someone along their legs will thank you for it.

Free – No lights, No lycra

Okay so we are all probably guilty of busting some epic moves around the kitchen after work – because why the heck not?! It’s fun and a great stress relief. So, imagine that, add 70 – 100 people just letting loose to some rocking tunes and you have No Lights No Lycra. It’s a dance community that started in Melbourne by dance students, in their own words; “no lights, no lyca, no teacher, no steps, no technique – just free movement!” Sounds fun right? Go ahead, get along, we double dare you 😉

$5 entry. Locations; CBD & Brunswick. Click here for more info.


Fun – Get Creative 

*No excuses, this can be done with a pen and paper if that’s all you have- else grab whatever creative materials spark your interest/you have available.

*Remember this is not about creating something beautiful, it’s about being creatively expressive.

*This is really fun to do in a group, invite some friends over or book in a session at a studio (google “group art therapy” in your location & see what comes up). We’ve tried a Creative Arts Therapy Session based at MEICAT Fitzroy.

Step one: Get in your body/reconnect with YOU!

– So you know that dance in the kitchen thing? Do that. Stretch. Move. Breath. Get in touch with how you feel. Hush your mind. Do this for a song or two.

Step two: Get expressive

– Grab some colours, some paper, card, clay, paint – whatever you have – set a timer 15mins, create something, anything, just try not to think about it, just do it.

Step three: Reflect

(BE A SPORT & DO STEP ONE AND TWO BEFORE READING BELOW – trust us you’ll get more out of it)

– Ask yourself if you had to interpret what that art work – or if you’re like me, scribble – could mean, if applied to your life what might it signify?

art-1 art1

As an example below is a piece I created (on the left – the blues and reds). At the time, I was really struggling with making a decision as to what pathway I should pursue in my career. The way I made sense of it was that the red and blue signified two different pathways. The eye (yes, that’s an eye), I interpreted as the outside pressure I was feeling at the time to follow the a certain pathway (red) and be a certain way. I felt much more drawn to the blue (and the pathway that, that signified in my mind). Now,  If you’ve been cheeky and read ahead, I’d just like to remind you that you can’t think about it before you do it. If you do you’ll end up making the work meaningful instead of finding the meaning in the work, so try keep the reflection part as much out of your mind as you can when you’re in the creation phase. 


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