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40 things I’ve learnt from my training some of which I'm still learning

A few things combined to bring this post to life today:

  • I did a running coaching session with a beautiful nine year old boy on Saturday and it got me thinking about what advice I’d give to someone who wanted to give a sport or their training a good crack.
  • I put on a top to go to training yesterday that had something about Melbourne Uni Athletics and the year 2000 written on it!  I thought geez I’ve been doing this athletics thing for a long time now!  I must have learnt a thing or two.

So I made today’s task to write out “things I’ve learnt from my training over the years that I’d tell someone who was starting out.”   After writing the list it turns out to be a list I’d tell anyone – starting out or not.  And many of the points I’m still trying to tell myself most days. (If my coach Warren reads this he will know this!) 🙂 Maybe there’s some on the list that you need to keep telling yourself too? (Most can be applied to any sport … or any life.. but some do have an athletics flavour of course).

  1. It’s a marathon, not a sprint
  2. Be consistent
  3. Train the same way that you want to compete
  4. Do drills.  Then do more drills and focus while you’re doing them
  5. Work on your core and mobility always
  6. Winter is not for hibernation it is for getting fit – train, rain, hail or shine
  7. Be nice to yourself and spend time on recovery when you know you need to
  8. Appreciate your coach and your squad like a gift from the heavens!
  9. You’ve only got so much time and energy – sacrifices and choices must be made
  10. Every time you say yes to something you say no to something else
  11. Record your training sessions, times, weights lifted etc and over the years you’ll love looking back at it
  12. Stress fractures are annoying, shins splints are more annoying
  13. You will get injured
  14. A few weeks off is nothing in the grand scheme of things.  Rest, do your rehab and get better
  15. You’re never as tired as you think you are…. never
  16. Training always makes you feel better
  17. An athletics track on a sunny day is a natural wonder
  18. Being fit feels freekin amazing and is worth every rep and set you have to do to get there
  19. Train hard and focus on quality not quantity
  20. Be prepared at comps – have spare socks, hair ties and safety pins 🙂
  21. Good nutrition makes you a better athlete
  22. You can train and have a life – just means you need to train with a hangover sometimes
  23. Progress is never pretty
  24. Your sport will make you cry – this is a good thing
  25. You can train harder… you know you can
  26. Jumping and plyometric training are the best!
  27. Learn proper technique
  28. Doing weights makes you feel taller somehow
  29. Body awareness is a gift – work on it if you don’t have it naturally
  30. Talent… only gets you so far
  31. Believe your coaches and trust their instructions and instincts
  32. Understand what you’re doing and why so you can do it properly
  33. Be selfish sometimes.  Your training sessions are time for you.  Don’t let it be interrupted by others
  34. Don’t waste energy on competition days
  35. Don’t be too hard on yourself
  36. Tail winds make you seem faster – head winds actually make you faster
  37. Don’t worry about fancy stop watches – the best ones are at dick smiths for under $10!
  38. Don’t take it too seriously – lighten up, have fun and smile
  39. All you can do is try your absolute hardest
  40. Be YOUR personal best – that’s all anyone can ever ask for, and your personal best is probably way better that you know.  Believe you can do it and then go for it.  You’ll always have fun and learn a lot about yourself, whether you reach your goal or not.

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