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Be an irresistable communicator

Speaking in public – be it to a room full of strangers at a meeting, a room full of friends at a party or a room with just you and your boss – it seems to scare people for a range of reasons. We know it does because you’ve told us.  In our bodylove coaching program we can’t help but get to know a lot of our clients problems and fears and talking in public seems to come up a lot.

So this month for our bodylove event we decided to get some help from an expert. – enter Julie Anne Black.  ‘Jewels’ as everyone knows her, knows a thing or two about presenting in public and wowing a crowd.  With a previous life as a television producer that included producing the television coverage for the ‘Sydney Olympic Games’ and ‘Who wants to be a millionaire’ through to her current life as a life coach, NLP and body language expert she’s got presenting down to a fine art!

Jewels dropped a ridiculous amount of fantastic advice on presenting yourself with more authenticity and confidence and it was less about cue cards and preparation and more about being comfortable in your own skin.  We loved it!  Here is a snap shot of some of the great take aways from the event.


  • Start with the end in mind.
  • Know how you want to leave your audience feeling.
  • Be The Star by producing instant feelings of confidence anywhere, any time.
  • Anxiety is a fear of the future.
  • When you’re feeling sad you can change your body language, look to the light, smile and breathe to feel better.
  • Always think of your audience.
  • Plan for the outcome you want.
  • Write your own script.
  • Say thank you when you receive a compliment.
  • To inspire you’re audience you need to be inspiring.
  • 80% of your success is how you think and feel about yourself.
  • Celebrate every milestone and hiccup along the way. There is no failure only feedback.
  • Give yourself permission to step onto your own centre stage and shine brightly when you do!
  • There’s never been a better time to Be Brilliant Now!

Learn more at Jewels’ Masterclass – limited time special offer.

If you’ve been thinking over night that you really want to find out more about projecting yourself with confidence, there is still time to join Jewel’s ‘Secrets of Body Language Revealed’ Masterclass on Saturday 30th November.

Check out all the details and book your seat by going to:

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This event only has a small quantity seats and high quality content so you have a-hands-on and practical learning experience. Currently there are only 5 seats still available.

Connect with Jewels.

Feel free to stalk Jewels (in a friendly social media kinda way) by connecting with her here:

She is looking forward to staying connected with you all.

Looking forward to bringing you more interesting and inspiring  information and events in 2014!

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