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Free apps to help you be fitter, healthier and more organised! woo hoo!

Who doesn’t love a free app! Problem is there are so many apps around these days it can be hard to know which are great and which aren’t worth the time they take to download.  Check out some of my favorite apps here:


Nike Training Club link here

You can’t go past this app – it is so so good.  Heaps of circuits ready to go with videos and all.  Great for when you’re on holidays, at home or in the gym and not sure what to do.  Start with the beginner level and work your way up!

Interval Timer link here

There are HEAPS of these.  But his is my favourite by far for doing circuit training.  There’s nothing worse then trying to check out your timer in the middle of a circuit – this app takes care of that for you by beeping out loud. You can set this baby up with your set time, rest time between sets, number of rounds and then start your circuit and not touch it until you’re finished.


Smiling Mind link here

This is a really cool Aussie made app for anyone interested in exploring a little more into the world of meditiaion and mindfulness. The guided mediations are short, have words and music, so they are amazing to get you into the practice. More info here:

Headspace link here

Similar to Smiling Mind this is an app fro the UK, it is also ace for beginners. You can do some for free and then need to pay if you want to continue using it.


Farmers Market app link here

Keep up with where the lastest and greatest farmers market is in Victoria. A must for any localovore.

Sustainable Seafood guide link here

Buying seafood can be hella confusing for anyone.  This app helps you make better decisions when you’re out shopping for seafood – just pop in the name of the seafood you’re about to buy and it will tell you if it is a sustainable chioce or not.


Wunderlist  link here

You know those to do lists that you keep writing over and over again – do yourself a favour and pop them into a Wunderlist! Keep your million and one things to do in order and on your iphone or ipad for when you get time to getting around to it.  Getting it off your mind and into a list at least gets it off your mind!

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