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Imagine by Catherine Sharples

A beautiful piece written by Catherine Sharples on ANZAC Day 2013.  Lest we forget that we are lucky.

“Imagine you are a beautiful, young woman with the world at your feet. Imagine you meet the man of your dreams. Imagine he is a true gentleman; the love of your life and he asks you to marry him. Imagine he gets called to war. Imagine you have no way of contacting him – no mobile, no Skype, no Facebook, no satellites. Imagine you have no way of knowing if he’s dead or alive. Imagine waiting months for a single letter that took months to get to you. Imagine lying awake at night waiting for your man to return so you can start your life together. Imagine him not returning.  Imagine always waiting.

Imagine being a mum with young children. Imagine the joy these children bring to you and their fathers faces as they smile; take their first steps and learn to say ‘dad’. Imagine the hopes and dreams you have for your family. Imagine the future family moments you will share together – mum, dad and the kids – the future dreams of being there when they graduate, of being at their wedding as dad walks the bride down the aisle.  Imagine dad gets called to war. Imagine explaining what war is to your young children.  Imagine daddy being away too long. Imagine hugging your crying children as they find out that dad is never returning.

Imagine watching your beautiful children grow up.  Imagine nurturing, providing for, loving these children through the years. Imagine being there for them as they start school; make friends; get into mischief; overcome obstacles; discover what makes them tick. Imagine drying their tears and tending to their bumps and scratches. Imagine the first time you see them in their uniform – the joy; the pride.  Imagine the worry as they get called to war. Imagine opening the door.  Imagine seeing a man in uniform with shiny medals on his chest.  Imagine him handing you an envelope with a solemn face.  Imagine knowing what has happened without needing to read it.

There are many victims of war.

Lest we forget.”

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