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This is WAY more terrifying than failure going nowhere


Is it really something to be feared? Or something to be excited about?

Failure: the condition or fact of not achieving the desired end or ends.

You plan for an outcome – you try to get to that outcome – it doesn’t work out as you planned – You end up somewhere else.

According to the dictionary, you just ‘failed’.

Is that bad thing? Was your planned outcome the best outcome anyway? Did you get something out of the journey regardless of the outcome?

You just tried. You just evolved. You just moved. You just learnt. You just grew. You just stepped out of your comfort zone. You just changed. You just did something.

If that’s failing, bring it on!

What’s the word for not trying? For not evolving? For not moving? For not learning? For not growing? For not steeping out of your comfort zone? For not doing something? For not doing anything?

Because that sounds terrifying.

I’ll take failure over whatever that is any day of the week.

Are you afraid to fail or excited by the chance to do something?

What are you waiting for?


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