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Top 5 tips for working out in winter Rain hail or shine!

It’s already starting to get chilly and usually when daylight savings leaves us in Melbourne so does our motivation to do anything but sit on the couch and snuggle up!  Here are our top tips for working out more in Winter.

#1 Go shopping (and rug up!)

As if we need another excuse to go shopping – but this is actually an essential!  So often we are freezing when we workout in Winter because we are not dressed in the right gear.  I see it all the time.  Invest in some good winter training pieces and they will last you for years!  Go shopping and get yourself some Winter outdoor training essentials such as:

  • A good pair of long tights (I love Performax and Lorna Jane tights)
  • Gloves
  • A beanie or head band that covers your ears. (Lorna Jane has some cute accessories)
  • Tight long sleeve underlayer to keep you warm (I love my Nike Pro and Under Armour long sleeve tops)
  • A good hoodie (who doesn’t love a good hoodie!)
  • Lightweight and water proof jacket

Can’t go past Lorna Jane’s gear at the moment which is getter better every season!

Online there are some good bargains too.  Checkout

#2 Head indoors

Winter is an awesome time to try indoor group fitness sessions.  The room is warm, it doesn’t rain in there and you get taken through a session by the group instructor (so you don’t have to think about it).  If that isn’t warm enough for you it is a perfect time to give the hot yogas a try – there are tons of Bikram Yoga and other hot yoga studios popping up around town.  We’ve heard great things about Hot Box and One Hoy Yoga lately.

There’s no excuses that it will be too cold and it also keeps you wearing your singlet tops and shorts which is always handy to stay on track with your body!

#3 Workout with friends

This is always an amazing idea in any season but especially in Winter when your motivation is low.  Although you must beware – this one can go pear shaped.. especially if your friend and you are good at convincing each other to go out for a wine instead of working out!  But if you can find the right friend booking in a time to work out together is a great way to be accountable to someone else.  It is also a great way to hang out with friends without eating and drinking in Winter.

#4  Do something you enjoy!

The middle of Winter isn’t the best time to try and do workouts you don’t like, the last thing you need is another reason why the couch is a better choice.  Reconnect with the types of workouts you love the most, the ones that give you maximum enjoyment, stress relief, make you laugh or make you feel amazing. They are great reasons to keep working out even when you’re covered up in scarf, jackets and jeans all Winter.

#5 Talk Sh!t to yourself (Change your mindset)

Often it is hard to workout in winter because we start by telling ourselves that we don’t like working out in the cold or that working out in the rain is terrible.  It may sound simple but simply by changing our language and thoughts about working out in winter is a great place to start (even if it feels like you’re lying to yourself at first).

For example:  I always have clients who say “I hate running in the rain.  It’s so annoying and you get wet and cold”.  But instead what if you thought this “Only champions train in the rain”.  Ever since I was younger and saw an add with Cathy Freeman running in the rain I’ve made the connection in my mind between training in the rain and being a champion.  Because to me it seemed that the people who get amazing results are training rain, hail or shine (not choosing to sit on the couch even if it is raining).  So when I’m about to head out into the rain or in the moment of running in the rain I am not thinking “this is terrible and annoying”.. I’m literally thinking “I am a champion”!

How could you re-frame training in winter to help you workout when its cold and chilly?

What top tips do you have (or top tricks that you play on yourself) to workout more in winter?

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