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What is stronger the body or the mind?

I read a quote in a book* today:

“If the mind can heal the body, but the body cannot heal the mind, then the mind must be stronger than the body.”

It’s an interesting one to think about.

At first I agreed, it’s true absolutely that the mind has the ability to heal the body.

Change can start in the mind.  Healing can start with your thoughts.

There are oodles of inspirational sayings reminding you that your mind is the boss:

“Let the mind run the body.  Don’t let the body run the mind”.  “Your body will do what the mind tells it”.

I agree the mind is powerful and at times leads the body.  Our mindset is a driving factor in our lives.

But the mind can also be weak.

And do you really think it is true that the body cannot heal the mind.

A saying that we’ve said for years at training is :

“You are never as tired as you think you are”.

Your mind plays tricks on you, it talks crap.  Your body is able and it’s your mind that is weak.

On the weekend I spoke to an entrepreneur who said the only way he gets through his long and hectic days is by exercising everyday for stress relief.  This is the movement of his body healing his mind.

And a saying that has come up numerous times in our coaching program “Love your body love your life” is:

“Actions drive feelings”.

This is the physical driving the mental.

There are so many examples of times when our body is much stronger than our mind.

Change can start with some movement.  Healing can start with some exercise.

At first I agreed with the quote but after thinking about it.. I can’t agree.  The body and mind are in a relationship that works both ways.

Even if the mind has the potential to be stronger, it depends on the person, the mind, the body, the day and the situation.

“The mind can heal the body and the body can heal the mind.  The mind is sometimes stronger than the body and the body is sometimes stronger than the mind.”

What do you think?

Which is stronger in your life and why?

*The quote was from A return to love, by Marianne Williamson



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