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Seize 2014! ~ A Template to Transform your Resolutions into Actionable Focus Points

Crazy to think it’s already February isn’t it?!

How are your New Years resolutions tracking?

Did you – like most – get swept up in the silly season?

Don’t worry if you did – you’re not definitely not alone there! Equally though, don’t let another year drift on by with a list of “I should…”s roll around in that wonderful mind of yours… 

There’s no time like  now to re-set and re-focus!

To make those resolutions a tad more attainable, we created a template, (displayed in the examples following). You might find helpful to apply to your resolutions – if you had some – or simply use it to create monthly focus points going forward – if you aren’t a resolution-setter.


focus2Click here to download the template! Best of luck with achieving your focus points for 2014 & beyond 🙂

Things to Keep in Mind…

Life is busy at the best of times, introducing changes takes energy, effort and commitment. So, here are our key tips to keep in mind when introducing changes:

Be organised & prioritise – schedule time in your diary, add calendar reminders, create check in points with yourself to see how you’re tracking, say no to some things so that you can achieve what’s important to you!

Stay focused & keep goals front of mind – examples of this might be wearing your watch on your right hand, changing your phone background or desktop, putting items in certain places to serve as reminders, post-it notes in places you’ll see – anything that’s going to get your attention focused on your goal 🙂

Be accountable – whether that’s to yourself (check in points), telling friend/s or doing challenges with friend/s or colleague/s – when we’re accountable to others our chances of following through jump up leaps and bounds. 

Boost your positivity – focus on introducing/adding things as opposed to restricting or subtracting, celebrate your wins, use positive language as much as possible, set yourself up for success; set targets you know you can achieve as you’ll be so much more inspired to keep on going!

Be flexible inevitably you will veer off track, but  focus on how far you’ve come from where you started & the quickest route to get back on track, after all… ‘It’s not about how many times you fall down, it’s about how many times you get back up’.

Don’t be afraid to QUITIf you’re not enjoying something – stop! Quitting has such a negative connotation – in fact often it’s why a lot of us don’t try things because we’re not sure if we’ll like it and we don’t want to seem flaky by dropping it. If you never try you’ll never know, quitting creates space for more awesome things and by knowing what you don’t want you’re closer to knowing what you do – it’s all good!

Be bravethose things that deep down you’ve always wanted to do? Do them. That desire doesn’t seem to be going anywhere does it? Life’s too short not to take those chances! Just. DO. IT!!

Have fun –  Life’s too amazing to be taken seriously, if you have fun with things you’re so much more likely stick with them – after all it’s so much more about the journey (& the passengers) than the destination!  If you’re not smiling & laughing along the way, it’s a sign it’s time to mix things up.

Some other Ideas to Make 2014 AMAZING

  • Create a stop doing listwhich is just all those things you do that you wish you didn’t do cause it makes you feel 🙁

Examples: multitasking, working after 6pm, having you phone/laptop in bed, not taking the time to wind down before bed time, sleeping in, rushing, overcommitting, not prioritising sleep or exercise & downtime, checking emails constantly – you get the gist.

  • On the flip side, create a list of habits that you’d love to get intojust all those things that when you do you know you’ll feel better for 🙂

Examples: reading before bed to unwind, waking up ten minutes early to have a pocket of time to yourself, setting a short list of priorities for your day, exercising, de-cluttering your work space, drinking plenty of water, single-tasking, meditating, switch off before bed time and lots more!

Hope you found that helpful.

We’re always interested in hearing your thoughts, practises and  techniques that have helped you – you never know how else it might inspire 🙂

There’s no better time, for a better you! What are you waiting for?! xx

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