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Does where you’re spending your dollars making yourself look and feel good make sense? Sneak peak from 'If your body could talk' book

Dear Monica,

Today at the shops you picked up a bag of organically grown walnuts for $11 and scoffed at the price. You actually said “what a rip off” to the random lady beside you. Two minutes later, you saw that peanut M&Ms were on sale for $5.99 a bag, so you bought two! The bag of walnuts would probably have lasted you a month, but the M&Ms only lasted one night.

I don’t get it. It’s funny how much money you’ll spend on some things and then scoff at the price of other things.

For example:

$8 for 2 takeaway coffees each day = no problem.

$6 for a punnet of blueberries that would last a week = rip off.

$8 vodka x too many to remember in a night = sold.

$10 for a group fitness class = nope.

$190 for a pair of jeans that make me look skinnier = bargain!

$190 for 12 weeks of yoga to work on my flexibility and for you to   de-stress = not in the budget.

$900 for laser hair removal from various parts of me = an investment.

$150 for a pair of decent runners = too expensive.

$60 to have my fingernails shellacked every three weeks = done.

$60 for six organic grass-fed beef steaks = no way.

You spend over $1,000 to keep the hair on my head looking good each year. Yet you wouldn’t spend $1,000 on setting up a home gym or on group exercise classes so you could keep the rest of me looking good, too.

I’ve tried to work it out, but I just don’t get it.

Next time something that is good for me “seems” expensive, take the time to think about whether it really is that expensive compared to the money you spend on other things.

I’m not a financial adviser, but maybe you could spend your dollars a bit wiser and get more results for your money, honey.

Love always,

Your Body xx

This is an extract from Jacquie Sharples‘ book ‘If your body could talk‘, a collection of letters written from your body to you. Take the time to listen to your body and hear what it has been trying to tell you.

Available in paperback and e-book at all major online retailers such as Amazon.

I can see why so many people are going crazy over this book, I love it and I have been recommending it to all the fabulous women I know. This is a game changer, don’t miss it!” – Eliza C, customer review on Amazon





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