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Filling in the wellbeing blanks with Amy from OtherwiseLiving

We are all busy and are trying hard to fulfill big dreams and goals, manage our long to do lists and have a social life! The art of doing this without sacrificing our most important assets, our bodies and our health, is the challenge we are all faced with day to day. All of us, no matter who we are, have to keep working at it and can learn from each other – so each Wednesday we will chat to a passionate bright spark to hear about what they are up to and fill in their wellbeing blanks!

Today we are filling in the wellbeing blanks with Amy the creator of OtherWiseLiving. The OtherWiseLiving site is a space I created to share my love and passion for other and wise ways of living…wise for you and wise for our world. Her aim is to put everything she thinks, knows, reads, learns and experiences about health, well-being, mindfulness, ethical/sustainable/toxin-free eating, living and consumption all in one place in the hope that she can help you to heal, nourish & inspire yourself to create a better you and ultimately a better world.

Let’s hear what Amy has to say:

To Amy to be well means: to have the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of my life balanced and in check.  They are all interconnected and when one is neglected, other facets of your self are often impacted. Imbalance in your own life ripples out to those around you and I believe that when I’m balanced and well, I can be a better person for those around me.

I have 3 jobs. My day job is a Primary School Teacher for a beautiful class of Year 4s. When I’m not teaching, I’m working as a student to complete my Bachelor of Health Science in Nutritional Medicine at Endeavour College of Natural Health. In between teaching and studying I work on OtherWiseLiving; testing out recipes, researching and writing blog posts. In between those jobs I sneak in some treasured time with my beloved partner, family and friends!

Maintaining my healthy eating habits and making sure I take time to sit down and eat mindfully, even when I’m super busy at work is usually easy for me when it comes to managing my wellbeing.

Knowing when to step away from technology and take some time out in nature is usually hard for me when it comes to managing my wellbeing.

Not expressing myself emotionally, “too many tasks/not enough time” style stress and experiencing information/stimulation overload always seems to throw my wellbeing off track.

Simple stress relief practices such as taking note of my breathing, having a bath, writing a list, closing my computer, doing a little yoga or meditation, having acupuncture and hugging people I love brings my wellbeing back on track

I usually sleep about 7 hours per night. I’d love to sleep 8.5 hours per night.

IMGP5322Something I’ve found that really helps when it comes to my health, fitness and wellbeing is having as many of the practical aspects of my life as organized and prepared as is feasible. E.g. I always make my lunch for the next day while I’m plating up for dinner. Ultimately though, it’s a mind-set. You need to believe that your wellbeing is a priority and put this belief into action through your thoughts and behaviours.

Something I’ve learnt over the years when it comes to health, fitness and wellbeing is there is no such thing as the perfect diet, the perfect exercise regime or the perfect mind-set. As humans we are all different and as such we require an individualized approach to the manner in which we care for ourselves. As individuals we need to adapt and change our approach to suit changes in our lives. Listen to your body, take note of your physical and emotional health and work out what your body and soul wants and needs from you at different times, days, seasons and ages! I was a strict vegetarian for 9 years and have just recently began to eat small amounts of biodynamic chicken. My ethos on food hasn’t changed but what my body needs has. It’s important to acknowledge these changes!

The advice I would give to someone half my age when it comes to looking after their body is to LOVE it, LISTEN to it and LEARN all about it. Practice gratitude for all the wonderful things it does, take the time to notice when it’s not happy and soak up all the information you can to understand and value the amazing gift that is the human body. For teenage girls in particular I’d tell them to LOVE not LOATHE their periods! I have a whole new respect and sense of wonder for the female menstrual cycle these days and wish I’d practiced more of this wonder back then.

The problem with being too obsessive and trying to be a perfectionist when it comes to your health and wellbeing is it annoys the hell out of everyone around you! No really, it’s important that you don’t turn your obsession with health and wellbeing into a judgment of others or let it rule your life in favour of any joy or pleasure. The mindset in which you approach the food you eat and the life you live has such an impact on your wellbeing. If you find yourself in a situation where the company is great but the food is less than ideal- just put some love into it! Say a little positive affirmation to yourself and approach the meal with a love and light filled mentality. Focus on the people you’re with and send loving thoughts of nourishment to your body. It sounds a little hippy but it works for me!

If my body stopped working my ability to do my work would be extremely challenging. I would need to take a few tasks away from my “to-do” list that’s for sure. In fact, if my body stopped working, I’d take that as a loud sign that I was doing something wrong!

If my body could talk right now the loudest thing that it would say / ask for is please keep doing yoga and meditation in the mornings, give me a little less computer/smart phone screen time and more face time, try and take me on more walks in nature, give me the odd dip in the ocean and please don’t over feed me!

You can check out Amy’s inspiring blog at  She can also be found under @otherwiseliving on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter

Enjoyed reading?  Feel free to forward on to a friend who you think would enjoy this too or could benefit from the great work that Amy is up to. xx


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