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Filling in the wellbeing blanks with Emily Dupuche from Food Babies Love

We are all busy and are trying hard to fulfill big dreams and goals, manage our long to do lists and have a social life! The art of doing this without sacrificing our most important assets, our bodies and our health, is the challenge we are all faced with day to day. All of us, no matter who we are, have to keep working at it and can learn from each other – so each Wednesday we will chat to a passionate bright spark to hear about what they are up to and fill in their wellbeing blanks!


Today we are filling in the blanks with Emily Dupuche from Food Babies Love, a business aimed at helping guide parents through the often challenging and overwhelming phase of introducing solids to their babies and toddlers. Emily believes that what we feed our little ones sets the course of their future eating habits and as parents we have a duty to our children to help them develop a positive relationship with food and go on to a lifetime of food enjoyment. She has also written a book called Food Babies Love, a guide to get your baby started on their way to a lifetime of food enjoyment. Let’s hear what Emily has to say:

foodbabieslove_ Cover_HRTo Emily to be well means: feeling happy, vibrant, energised and to have my ‘can-do-attitude’ on board.

I have 3 jobs; one as a mum to 3 small children, the second to love my husband (not that it’s hard but we can all get so busy with life and forget to invest in the reason it all got started 🙂 ). My third job is running my own small business.

Regular exercise and quality meals are usually easy for me when it comes to managing my wellbeing.

Finding enough time in the day is usually hard for me when it comes to managing my wellbeing.

Work pressures and the demands of my family always seem to throw my wellbeing off track.

Exercise, a clean desk and happy children brings my wellbeing back on track.

I usually sleep 8 or 9 hours per night. I’d like to sleep 10 hours per night. I need sleep. I rise early and can’t function well past 9pm!

Something I’ve found that really helps when it comes to my health, fitness and wellbeing is routine. I get up at 5am 4 mornings a week to go to the gym before my husband has to leave for work. I find if I don’t exercise in the mornings, it doesn’t happen. And I don’t feel at my best if I haven’t exercised. This is relatively new for me though. I wasn’t always this way but then again I didn’t use to feel as good or as empowered as I do since I made the commitment to my body.

Emily2Something I’ve learnt over the years when it comes to health, fitness and wellbeing is balance is key. You can’t sustain a gung-ho approach to it. A fiercely restrictive diet will without a doubt back fire. We are all only human and the desire to indulge can take hold of us all. So don’t commit to never eating chocolate or carbs again as you will end up eating chocolate coated carbs. Commit to a balanced approach and you will look and feel great.

The advice I would give to someone half my age when it comes to looking after their body is don’t take up smoking. It’s a bugger to give up and does nothing but age you and make you feel like crap.

The problem with being too obsessive and trying to be a perfectionist when it comes to your health and wellbeing is you are likely to fail. Find a balanced approach you can live with and stick with it. Complete denial is dangerous.

If my body stopped working my ability to do my work would be hampered. I’d have to find a new driver of empowerment.

Peekaboo_DA logo_WINNER_cmykIf my body could talk right now the loudest thing that it would say / ask for is a holiday in the sun. Melbourne Winter…arrrggghh.

You can check out Emily and her awesome business Food Babies Love at, or

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