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Filling in the wellbeing blanks with Leena Van Ray from Bike n Blend

We are all busy and are trying hard to fulfill big dreams and goals, manage our long to do lists and have a social life! The art of doing this without sacrificing our most important assets, our bodies and our health, is the challenge we are all faced with day to day. All of us, no matter who we are, have to keep working at it and can learn from each other – so each Wednesday we will chat to a passionate bright spark to hear about what they are up to and fill in their wellbeing blanks!

Today we are filling in the blanks with Leena van Ray from Bike n Blend. Bike n Blend runs pedal powered smoothie events that promote healthy living, sustainability and cycling using specially designed blender bikes that kids and adults can ride. After just 30 seconds of pedalling you have a delicious smoothie! The blender bikes are a great way to, and engage with customers or to add fun spin to your event! Every day Leena thinks that she has the best and funniest job in the world! 🙂

Let’s hear what Leena has to say:


To Leena to be well means making exercise and food fun and enjoyable. I love cycling to work each day and eating fruit smoothies when I am on the go – its just part of me and makes me tick. I feel free and happy when I give myself the time to go cycling, jogging, yoga and make good healthy meals at home. The most important part of being well means having enough time for good quality sleep and having the space and time for creative projects and time with friends and family. If these are in balance then everything else seems easy and I am able to achieve so much more each day.

Something I’m really excited about at the moment is meeting up with a new jogging group called ‘Jog to Café’ – the perfect combo of exercise and food for me. We meet at a different café each Sunday morning, jog for 30-45 mins and reward our selves with a coffee and catch up – I love being around other happy and healthy people that just ‘get it’!

Bike N Blend-20

Regular healthy meals and at least 30 mins cycling between meetings/events each day are usually easy for me when it comes to managing my wellbeing.

Saying no to new projects/ideas that distraction me from my goalsis usually hard for me when it comes to managing my wellbeing.

Being really busy in our festival months always seem to throw my wellbeing off track.

Good quality sleep and really listening to what my body needs (more veggies, a weekend of rest, a long bike ride, pasta) brings my wellbeing back on track.

I usually sleep 5 – 6 hours per night. I’d like to sleep 7 – 8 hours per night.

Something I’ve found that really helps when it comes to my health, fitness and wellbeing is a little planning goes a long way. I have started ordering my organic fruit and vegies online to save time at the busy cramped supermarkets – also there is a limit to how much I can carry on my treadly!


Something I’ve learnt over the years when it comes to health, fitness and wellbeing is go easy on your self. There will always be times when you are not at your peak so when you are in a short lull – know that you will bounce out of it – as you always have in the past. Thus there is no point of beating your self up about it- just enjoy the ups and downs and trust your body.

The advice I would give to someone half my age when it comes to looking after their body is love your body just the way it is – you are thin enough, pretty enough, toned enough, fit enough – you ARE enough.

The problem with being too obsessive and trying to be a perfectionist when it comes to your health and wellbeing is there is no such thing as being perfect – there will always be someone fitter and more healthy than you. Just push your self hard and know when enough is enough. Then reward yourself!

If my body stopped working my ability to do my work would be no where near as enjoyable. I don’t like being tired to a computer all day – I like to have variety with my tasks, walking meetings and a standing desk.

If my body could talk right now the loudest thing that it would say / ask for is thank me for looking after it so well and making it the high priority each day. I still feel as healthy as I was 10 years ago.

You can check out Leena van Raay and her awesome business at, on Facebook, on Twitter and on You Tube.

Enjoyed reading? Feel free to forward on to a friend who you think would enjoy this too or could benefit from the great work that Leena is up to xx

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