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Filling in the wellbeing blanks with Michelle Wright from mishfit

We are all busy and are trying hard to fulfill big dreams and goals, manage our long to do lists and have a social life! The art of doing this without sacrificing our most important assets, our bodies and our health, is the challenge we are all faced with day to day. All of us, no matter who we are, have to keep working at it and can learn from each other – so each Wednesday we will chat to a passionate bright spark to hear about what they are up to and fill in their wellbeing blanks!

mishfit-signature-logoToday we are filling in the blanks with Michelle Wright from mishfit. Mishfit specialises in providing safe exercise and education for pregnant and post-natal women. They are passionate about women’s health and have created and hosted the first ever Australian Women’s Health and Fitness Summit. Let’s hear what Michelle has to say:

To Michelle to be well means: balancing my life holistically – my work, my family, my exercise (my “me” time).

I have a few jobs. I am the CEO of mishfit franchising and oversee the running and development of the company and education and development of franchisees. I promote and sell mishfit franchises to women wanting to join our team and have their own PT business that works around their families. I also train women with pelvic floor dysfunction using a Power Plate (I am a Master Trainer with Power Plate Post Natal). I am also the creator of the Women’s Health and Fitness Summit, which is an annual event. I am a mum of 4 kids (2 of my own and 2 step-children) 3 of these are teenagers, so our home life needs careful management in order for everyone to get to where they need to be!

a logoSomething I’m really excited about at the moment is taking the first Women’s Health and Fitness Summit, which happened in August this year – from a one day event, to a 3 day event. The overwhelming response from this years’ summit, was that this event NEEDS to exist! I am really excited about having the opportunity to challenge the way fitness summits are conventionally held. I believe that women do things differently… and after the success of the first summit – I know I am not the only one!

Understanding that in order to achieve all the things that I want to achieve, I need to create a team approachthen it is usually easy for me when it comes to managing my wellbeing.

Not taking time for myself, my exercise and cooking then is usually hard for me when it comes to managing my wellbeing.

Being around negative people who choose to be nasty rather than nice always seem to throw my wellbeing off track.

Spending time with my loved ones, with myself and time in nature brings my wellbeing back on track

I usually sleep 6-8 hours per night. I’d like to sleep 7-8 hours per night.

Something I’ve found that really helps when it comes to my health, fitness and wellbeing is yoga. I have become a keen devotee and practice 3- 5 times per week. It keeps me strong, injury free and I am away from my phone/computer/work/family and it allows my busy brain to rest and re-recharge.AIF4_10214

Something I’ve learnt over the years when it comes to health, fitness and wellbeing is that I am never going to have the body that is photo shopped in the fit-spiration photos that we see everywhere. My body is perfect for me. It moves injury free and is strong and allows me to do the things that I love doing. Learning to love my body and appreciating it has been a big learning curve… confidence is the sexiest outfit ever.

The advice I would give to someone half my age when it comes to looking after their body is find an exercise option that you enjoy. Learn to enjoy movement everyday and listen to your body. And understand that exercise needs change within your monthly cycle as well as with the changing cycles of your life. Don’t believe that there is one way for all and that is the only way you can exercise.

The problem with being too obsessive and trying to be a perfectionist when it comes to your health and wellbeing is that it is unsustainable and sets us up for failure. As a role model to my children and my clients, I believe having a balanced approach to food, exercise and work is the most sustainable approach. Give up the guilt, which does not serve us!

If my body stopped working my ability to do my work would be changed… but I would always have my mind and my voice and therefore would continue to be passionate about creating positive health changes for women and for furthering women in the fitness industry.

If my body could talk right now the loudest thing that it would say / ask for is a glass of bubbles in the sunshine, laughing with my girlfriends.

You can connect with Michelle at Linkedin and you can check out Mishfit at Facebook, at Instagram, at Pinterest and at Twitter.

You can also check out the Womens Health and Fitness Summit at at Facebook and Instagram.

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