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Filling in the wellbeing blanks with Unna founder of Panacea Movement Medicine - exercise physiology & pilates clinic in Carlton

We are all busy and are trying hard to fulfill big dreams and goals, manage our long to do lists and have a social life! The art of doing this without sacrificing our most important assets, our bodies and our health, is the challenge we are all faced with day to day. All of us, no matter who we are, have to keep working at it and can learn from each other – so each Wednesday we will chat to a passionate bright spark to hear about what they are up to and fill in their wellbeing blanks!

Today we are filling in the blanks with Unna Goldsworthy the owner of Panacea Movement Medicine. Unna is an experienced and passionate exercise physiologist and pilates practitioner. At her practice in Carlton, she believes that movement is the best kind of medicine and takes a holisitic approach to exercise.  She works with clients who have specific injuries, more general fitness and body goals, as well as pre and post natal exercise conditioning. Let’s hear what Unna has to say:

To Unna to be well means: to be capable, adaptable and have ability for reflection and reserve. All of these words from a physical, emotional and mental perspective. 

I have 3 jobs. My clinical work with clients, being a mum to my little boy and then running my business.

Being self driven and accountable are usually easy for me when it comes to managing my wellbeing.

Not working long hours and stretching my partners love are usually hard for me when it comes to managing my wellbeing.

Work, work, work and being isolated always seems to throw my wellbeing off track.

Going slow in the morning, talking to friends, reviewing and recapping and planning ahead brings my wellbeing back on track.

I usually sleep a broken 8 hours per night. I’d love to sleep 8 hours per night.

Something I’ve found that really helps when it comes to my health, fitness and wellbeing is staying in touch with other amazing people and therapists routinely = thinking more, wanting more and ultimately facilitating more of my thoughts/plans and eventually actions.

Something I’ve learnt over the years when it comes to health, fitness and wellbeing is the body is not to be controlled it is to be listened too. If you learn to listen or find the people that know how to guide you, this can give it what it needs at every turn. The body craves equilibrium and as constantly adapting to the stresses (good and bad) that you feed it.

The advice I would give to someone half my age when it comes to looking after their body is move in lots of different directions with different energy levels and requirements. Get soft tissue treatments. Learn to cook and share food regularly.  Learn about human biology and learn your family history – be prepared.

The problem with being too obsessive and trying to be a perfectionist when it comes to your health and wellbeing is you think you know what you want and you become rigid, extreme. Rigid in your goals. Rigid in your approach and anxious and uneasy about your outcomes. It makes me think of a person who struggles with needing rules, and can’t settle and  learn. Detached from the learning points and with out flexibility, there will never be good enough – and ultimately ignorant of the successes you’ve had along the path to never being good enough. 😉 

If my body stopped working my ability to do my work would be a challenge – my language is the first thing to fail me, I always rely on demonstration when I can’t find the words.

If my body could talk right now the loudest thing that it would say / ask for is more preservation strategies, less survival strategies.

You can check out more about Unna at or pop in and visit her in real life at Level 2, 170 Elgin St, Carlton, Victoria.

Enjoyed reading?  Feel free to forward on to a friend who you think would enjoy this too or could benefit from the great work that Unna is up to. xx


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