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How Dr Terry Wahls ate herself out of a wheelchair in 12 months Video of the week

This video is really worth watching.. it’s crazy how much the food we eat, our stress levels and environmental pollutants can change our bodies and our lives.

We all kind of know how this – but do we really use this knowledge and make better daily decisions? The foods we eat become our bodies, stress alters our state physically and mentally, (not always for the better) and our environment and lifestyle can switch on and off genes in our bodies! Let’s repeat that line – it’s worth repeating:

Our environment and lifestyle can switch on and off genes in our bodies! (We know this thanks to Epigenetics – an amazing areas of scientific study).

That is both amazing and scary at the same time. Can the small daily decisions about how we live our life really make that much of an impact on us?  Apparently so. This isn’t something to be scared of – it doesn’t mean we need to stress more about every decision we make, it is a good thing – it means we can and do have influence over our bodies, health and our DNA! As we like to say in our bodylove coaching course – we can tweak our way to health!

Dr Terry Wahls is a doctor form America who was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, MS as we know it. It is a crippling disease for which there is currently no cure. Dr Wahls experimented with everything from the latest cutting edge medicine to ultimately creating her own diet and lifestyle program. As a result of her journey and changing her lifestyle and diet (not taking drugs) she is managing the crippling disease and living a full life. That’s remarkable. Even if we don’t have a chronic debilitating disease we can still learn something form her amazing story.

  • What decisions are we making that are comprising our health everyday?
  • Are we eating in a way that is nourishing or is fueling dis-ease in our bodies?
  • What can we do today to start eating, moving and thinking our way to better health?

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Here is another link to a more recent talk Dr Terry Wahls gave also:

You can find out more about Dr Terry Wahls here: or

Too busy to watch? [Productivity tip]
You don’t have to ‘watch’ this you could pop your earphones into your phone and go for a walk while you listen to this or listen to it while you are driving somewhere, doing some house work or having shower / getting ready. 🙂

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