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How many “friends” do you have and are you still lonely? Video of the week

Today we are more ‘connected’ and have more ‘friends’ online than ever before, yet does hat help you to feel any less lonely? This interesting 4 minute video will get you thinking about the connection between social connection and loneliness – quoting works from Sherry Turkle’s Ted Talk – Connected but alone

So what kind of and how many relationships do you want to have and what you you doing to build up or break down those connections?

Too busy to watch? [Productivity tip]
You don’t have to ‘watch’ this you could pop your earphones into your phone and go for a walk while you listen to this or listen to it while you are driving somewhere, doing some house work or having shower / getting ready. 🙂

Know someone else who you think needs to watch this?
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Image Credit: The innovation of loneliness video

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