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21 pearls of wisdom on how to take care of your body and your life

I recently asked some amazing women: what advice would you give to someone half your age about looking after their body?”

Their average age is around 30, so this advice is technically for teenagers, but after you read it you may just see that this advice applies to all of us, no matter what our age.

This is a mash up of what they said:

  1. Appreciate your health, vitality and freedom to move. Lots of people don’t have it. Don’t abuse your freedom, take care of yourself.
  2. Be proud of your individuality. No one else will ever be just like you. Embrace it. Look at your scars as memories not imperfections.
  3. Don’t compare your body to others and be critical. Your body is magnificent in its own way. Don’t hurt its feelings! Be nice to it and say nice things about it.
  4. Don’t listen to the people who criticize the way your body looks or moves. They usually don’t like themselves much and they say it to make themselves feel better.
  5. Don’t let any man ever tell you there’s something wrong with the way your body looks. Kick him in the b@lls and move on. One day, the right man will love you any old way.
  6. Move and exercise every day. Make it a priority. Not just for your fitness, maintaining a healthy body weight and heart health, but also for your mind. Serotonin is a magical natural drug.  Find movement you love and do it. Your body and your mind will love it in equal parts. And it’s super fun and it will hold you in good stead for getting old and creaky!
  7. Don’t give up sport for the pub!
  8. Eat real, whole and clean foods. Fuel your body with the right stuff. There’s no use putting the wrong fuel in your engine, you’ll never get anywhere. Don’t eat maccas. It’s sh!t. Don’t eat processed food. That’s crap too! Fresh veg and fruit are the best fuel for you! Learn about healthy eating NOW and make it a part of how you live.
  9. Drink – water – lots.
  10. Look after your skin. I promise it will help you maintain that youthful glow! Don’t sunbake! It’s bad for your skin! Wear sunscreen.
  11. Start waxing now.
  12. Don’t smoke. It’s fu*$&ing dumb, foul and does not look cool.
  13. Play. Lots. Never grow out of that. Don’t grow up too fast.
  14. Don’t spend hours agonising over what other people think about you, it’s not important! Make decisions that keep you smiling.
  15. If you stop smiling, change something.
  16. Don’t be afraid to take risks! Better to regret what you’ve done than what you were too afraid to do.
  17. Love and be happy. Your body likes it when you are happy.
  18. Tell your family and friends how much you love them, often.
  19. Laugh, cry, dance, sing and hug your way through life, it’s an amazing gift and you don’t know how long you will have it for.
  20. Always love and respect the body you were given, it can do great things when its treated right (and don’t share it around)! Be smart with your body and start taking care of it now – because it all catches up with you (and it’s all you’ve got).
  21. You and your body are an absolute miracle to be celebrated!! xx

What do you think?

What advice would you give to someone half your age about how to take care of their body?

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