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Review of Cameron Diaz’s book: uplifting!

I’ve just got back from holidays.  I went on a beach holiday this year (and I freekin love beach holidays).  You know the holidays that consist of relaxing in the sun, lazing by the pool, swimming in the beach, getting massages, reading, eating and drinking?  Yeah it was pretty nice. 🙂

My ‘holiday reads’ are one of the favorite bits of my holiday.  Not sure if it’s a good thing or not but I read like Usain Bolt runs – fast! (I think going to uni for 5 years taught me how to skim read – should probably read slower but hey who has the time!) My first holiday read was ‘Lean in‘ by Sheryl Sandberg – which I loved and I will do a review on soon.  The next was ‘Cosmpolitan Hippy’ by Leandra Walker, an awesome chrio and health advocate from Darwin – who I’m excited to say will now be contributing to our community and her recipes will be avaialbe as part of our bodylove program – more on that at a later date. And then I needed another book! So I jumped onto iBooks looking for my next read –  in the Mind, Body, Spirit section of course – and up popped Cameron Diaz’s new book called “The body book”.  Now I have heard nothing about this book so of course jumped over to see what Google the great says about it.  I found a few articles about how Cameron Diaz’s encourges us to leave our pubic hair on and another review slamming the book.  I thought, ‘that’s disappointing – I really like Cameron Diaz’.  So then I got the book’s preview to decide for myself and when I did I thought, ‘hang on.. this sounds similar to the way we talk and think in our bodylove program‘, so I downloaded it.

And I’m glad I did.  I really liked it.  It was inspiring, genuine, refreshing and made you want to get up and get moving and treat your body with love.

In the book there’s no diet plan (thank goodness) and no fitness plan (woo hoo). The book is split into three sections: Nutrition, Fitness and Mind. Sound familiar? This is so similar to our bodylove program which covers 4 areas: menu, movement, mindset and balance. So I was loving where Cameron’s head was at.  The next thing is the book starts with the call out “Knowledge is Power”.  Yes again Cameron – she is passionate about education and tools and knowing the facts for yourself.  Then in the intro she goes on to talk about how your body is amazing, it’s the only one you’ll ever have and is your past, present and future.. and I was thinking – did she read my book… he he.. this is so similar to the words written in my book if your body could talk – how awesome!

The book is full of useful information and things that Cameron does to treat her body with respect and it comes across pretty balanced. She is not saying this is what you ‘should do’, just talking about what she has learnt and what works for her. I love her approach of wanting to teach women the facts and encouraging them to find their own way to be healthy.

I’m not going to sit here a nit pick every word she wrote like some of the reviews I read.  We are all different. Overall to Cameron Diaz I say “awesome job!” The book reads as her journey and I like that – she’s not claiming to have all the answers – she’s encouraging you to embrace your body, learn about it and treat it with respect. And you know what – I don’t think Cameron Diaz needed the money – she didn’t have to write a book encouraging women to love and take care of their bodies… but she did. She’s an example of a woman who is doing something with her life, producing valuable things and trying to be her best. And I think her book with encourage and inspire anyone who reads it.

I liked hearing about how she loves running, doesn’t like sugar, spends Sundays preparing food for the week, doesn’t like laser hair removal, is passionate about women helping women, doesn’t preach to you, is funny, talks about her own journey, is honest and how no topic is off limits in the book.

She reminds us how good it feels to be strong, to be fit, to eat good food, to listen to your body, to rest, to drink water in the morning, to stretch, to be educated and to treat yourself with love.

Does the book tell you how to get a body like Cameron Diaz ? No and thank goodness for that, because, you can’t get Cameron Diaz’s body, no matter how hard you try.  You have your body and your body is different to hers and the world doesn’t need another celebrity diet plan that won’t work.

Does the book encourage you to start to treat your body with a bit more respect and love, teach you some interesting facts and make you want to get out there and go for a run? Yes and thank goodness because the world does need more education, inspiration and more action.

Good job Diaz.

I really feel that her book has the same core message to my book if your body could talk (which, by the way, you can get a free copy of if you come along to one of our bodylove workshops in Jan and Feb – check out the dates and details here.

Alternatively you can buy the paper back version from here:

Or on kindle here: If your body could talk on kindle

Check out Diaz’s book here: The body book, by Cameron Diaz


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