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You are absolutely beautiful Sneak peak from 'If your body could talk' book

Dear Michelle,

You are really beautiful.

You don’t see it, but I do and I feel it. I know you might think I’m biased, but it’s true.

You are more beautiful than you know. You only notice the “flaws” and even they are beautiful.

Other people think it, too. They don’t always say it to your face. But they think it. Even when they do say it out loud, you don’t believe them. You don’t listen. You shrug it off. You think they don’t really mean it.

But they do.

And I do.

You’re absolutely beautiful.

Love always,

Your Body xx

This is an extract from Jacquie Sharples‘ book ‘If your body could talk‘, a collection of letters written from your body to you. Take the time to listen to your body and hear what it has been trying to tell you.

Available in paperback and e-book at all major online retailers such as Amazon.

I can see why so many people are going crazy over this book, I love it and I have been recommending it to all the fabulous women I know. This is a game changer, don’t miss it!” – Eliza C, customer review on Amazon





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