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Make some time for your body, it is a gift that was given to you Sneak peak from 'If your body could talk' book

To all of you beautiful ladies whom this should concern,

I hear the things you think about me.

I hear the things you say about me.

A little while ago you told someone that you didn’t like me. That if you had the choice you’d change almost every part of me. And you said it right in front of me, too, as if I couldn’t hear you, as if you didn’t even care about my feelings.

I wasn’t the only one. You and your friends sat around together, complaining about all of us, pointing out what you dislike, squeezing the areas you loathed and lamenting over the things you hated. I could sense the others felt the same way I did — a little angry, a little sad and ready to give up trying.

The most ridiculous part of it all is that we only look and feel the way we do because of the choices you make. We’ve been trying to communicate with you all to tell you what we need. But you don’t listen.

I just feel so hurt and frustrated. I thought maybe there are some things you don’t know about me and that if you did know, we could both be happier. It’s time for you to hear how I feel about all of this.

So I decided to write you some letters. I chose letters because I know how much you used to love getting letters and I know you’re too busy to read anything that is too long. I’ve tried to write to you in language

you can understand, so hopefully you will listen. Please take some time for this, to hear my side of the story. Read the letters with an open mind and picture me, your body, when you are reading them.

I told some of the others about my idea and they joined in, too. Every body had something they wanted to say. The letters are all different, some may resonate with you more than others, every body is unique afterall. We collected the letters and put them in this book.

You can read the letters in order or you can open this book at any point and read any of the letters individually. I don’t mind which way you do it, just please read them, think about them and do something.

If you choose not to read this, to not listen, to rush on with your to-do list, excuses and to keep drowning me out, don’t be surprised when I stop listening to you, when I don’t look and feel the way you want, when I don’t move properly, when I’m sick, when I’m tired, when I’ve had enough and am forced to opt out of our relationship.

We’re a team. It’s not all about you, your career, your social life and your needs. I have needs too. I know we can fix this. I know we can make things better.

Please don’t leave it too long.

Please don’t put me on the bottom of your to-do list.

Please don’t take me for granted.

I won’t be here forever.

I am a gift that was given to you. A gift you only get once.

Love always,

Your Body xx

This is an extract from Jacquie Sharples‘ book ‘If your body could talk‘, a collection of letters written from your body to you. Take the time to listen to your body and hear what it has been trying to tell you.

Available in paperback and e-book at all major online retailers such as Amazon.

I can see why so many people are going crazy over this book, I love it and I have been recommending it to all the fabulous women I know. This is a game changer, don’t miss it!” – Eliza C, customer review on Amazon





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