Hey, lady!

Yes you, the one always on the go.

You’re busy & we get it.

Life can be relentless.  You’re tired & frustrated with where you’re at.  You’re mentally and physically drained. You know it doesn’t have to be this way.

When was the last time you spent time with you?

Not work, not nights out, not meetings or shopping or hanging out with friends or attending to someone else.  Just you?

We get it.

Finding balance can be hard, but it’s not impossible. That’s why we designed the bodylove program specifically for women like you; like us.

We are all about education & intelligent training.

Our bodylove program, centres around your menu, movement, mindset and balance. Expect tough love and an iterative approach to introducing tools you’ll use for life.

It’s time to show yourself some love, some bodylove.

Be prepared to do things differently, to be committed to you and your body – after all you’re in it for life.

There’s no better time for a better you.

What are you waiting for? xx

Get some bodylove! Our 3 month bodylove program provides space and resources for you to; re-educate, re-connect, re-charge and re-shape your body and your life.

The bodylove coaching program

The 3 month bodylove program helps women take back control and create their own balanced wellbeing routine. We have women leaving the course feeling confident and thriving – both physically and mentally.  We provide tools and strategies to empower women to make choices that leave them feeling happy and nourished – effortlessly.

In the bodylove program we focus on four key areas of your life – menu, movement, mindset and balance.  Within each area we:

  • Look at where you are and where you want to be.
  • Educate you on our key concepts, strategies and tools.
  • Support you to implement change and action to move towards your goals.

What’s included in the bodylove program:

Education & Coaching sessions

The heart of our program is our group education and coaching sessions.  Each week you will have a 1.5 hour education and coaching session with Jacquie and Nicola, as well as guest coaches spread over 3 months.  We will teach you the facts and expose the fiction. We aim to challenge the way you think and act in your daily life and inspire you into action. Expect; weekly tasks, a take home workbook (over 250 pages), recipes, resources and more. By the end of the program, you will understand how to eat, how to most effectively move your body and how to set yourself up for success. The sessions are usually held in Richmond on Wednesday evenings from 6:30pm to 8:00pm.

Personal Assessment & Fitness Plan

You will have 2 x 1 hour, one on one coaching sessions, where we get to understand your life: your work, where you live, what you enjoy, what you’re already doing for your body and what you want to achieve.  We then design a fitness and movement plan tailored for you – no one else.

Movement Analysis

You will have a 1 hour, full body movement analysis by the trained professionals at Motion Health.  The analysis aims to answer the questions; Where is your body at and why?  What impact has your life had on the way you move?  Can you touch your toes?  Are your hips in line?  We will assess everything from your flexibility, to core strength, to your pelvic positioning, posture and balance.  We want to make sure you can move well, to avoid injury, pain and make your workouts even more effective.

Group Fitness Training

Get inspired to get moving in a group with women just like you. We run 3 group fitness sessions per week, offering a mix of; running, cardio training, interval training, boxing, pilates and circuit training. Sessions are held at the Botanical Gardens, on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6:15am to 7:00am.

Fitbit Movement Tracker

How much do you move each day?  You’ll be fascinated to see the results on your new high tech fitbit movement tracker. Each day your fitbit tracker records your steps taken, distance travelled, stairs climbed, sleep time and sleep quality.  It syncs easily and quickly online for you  – and us – to see.

Mini Detox and healthy eating challenges

Individually, we will design some healthy eating challenges that can include some optional detox elements.  Together as a group we will challenge ourselves to eat well and give our bodies a break from some of the foods and drinks that we don’t make us feel as amazing as we could.

Personal Style Session

Once you’ve rejuvenated from the inside, let’s celebrate this by restyling on the outside! A 3 hour workshop with awesome style experts.  Learn the tips and tricks of the trade, like; how to dress for your body type, what colours look best on you and tips on hair and make up styling.

Ongoing Support 24 / 7

We are here for you, providing support on and offline, 7 days a week. We track your learning, progress and inspire you to keep on track with your goals.  Expect weekly accountability and support systems to keep you motivated, driven to action and most importantly to facilitate change.

Women like to talk.  We love to listen

By listening to what our clients want and tailoring our program specifically for them, we’ve built Carpe Diem Wellbeing and our programs into what they are today.  bodylove is catered specifically for busy women and is delivered in a way that doesn’t require you to put life on hold or make big sacrifices. We do things differently and get results with people who’ve previously fallen off the wagon. From professionals juggling demanding full time jobs and social lives, to those trying to balance family life, here is a snapshot of what our clients thought of the bodylove program.

“Jacquie has a perfect blend of motivation and brutal honesty which cuts through the ‘noise’ and presents you with clear and basic choices to help create a balanced life.” – Brie

“I have learnt so much about nutrition, exercise, movement and mindset and each week I walk away from the sessions feeling invigorated and more committed to looking after myself.” – Rita

“This program has changed my life for the better & I’m not going back.” – Tori

Click here from more words from women who have completed the bodylove program

We believe in:


Our Approach

We have a flexible approach. We believe the best teachers show you where to look but don’t tell you what to see. We know you’re an intelligent individual who just need some strategies and space to re-educate, re-connect, re-charge and re-shape. Most importantly to us you are so much more than a number; you’re an inspiration, a testament to why we love what we do. You’re the reason we do what we do.

Who we are

Jacquie Sharples

bffRestrictive diets that exclude important food groups, inefficient and boring exercise regimes and people who make you feel bad about yourself – Jacquie Sharples doesn’t have time for it and neither do you.  She’s about real changes and real results.  She’s about intelligent training with simple steps to get you loving your body – a real body that lives a real life.

Like a lot of women, Jacquie has spent her life juggling.  A double degree in Engineering and Commerce, a national level athlete, full time work as an engineer whilst being a personal trainer, building her own fitness and wellbeing business and of course a busy social life.  While trying to make time to fit it all in, Jacquie learnt first hand why so many women find it hard to give their body the attention it deserves.

You sit down & turn on your computer in the morning & suddenly it’s 5pm & you realise you haven’t eaten or moved.  You leave the office mentally drained, with enough energy for getting out of your work clothes & onto the couch.  And that’s about it!

After years of hearing beautiful, intelligent women lament about the frustration they felt for their bodies and realising most of them were simply confused by the abundance of conflicting information around and were not giving their own wellbeing the time & energy it deserved.

Jacquie decided to focus all of her energy into what she cared most about, helping women see fact from fiction and achieve maximum results in their health and wellbeing.  She created the bodylove program and continues to build Carpe Diem Wellbeing into a business devoted to intelligent wellbeing programs for her clients, a way to live well.  She is the author of the book,  “If your body could talk”.  Check it out at www.ifyourbodycouldtalkbook.com.au.

Connect with Jacquie at:

linkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/in/jacquiesharples

twitter: @jacsharples

email: jacquie@carpediemwellbeing.com.au

Nicola Gracie

Nicola has over seven years experience in the health and fitness space, working in a variety of roles including personal training, group fitness and management. During this time she has had the pleasure of training bodies of all shapes, sizes and abilities, from all walks of life. She’s worked with kids, to athletes right through to older adults.
Always eager to further her knowledge with different training methods, Nicola has tried her hand at most things, from karate to pole dancing to bikram yoga. Regularly, she enjoys swimming, boxing and running; in fact just last year, she completed the Melbourne marathon. Nicola believes in a functional, integrative approach to fitness.
Nicola was born and raised in Zimbabwe, relocating to Australia in 2001. She completed a Bachelor of Business and went on to work in the corporate world. After deciding that wasn’t for her, she went on to complete a Masters of Entrepreneurship & Innovation and founded a tech company in the fitness space. Nicola has worn a few hats throughout her career, but her passion for helping others be healthy & happy has always shone through.

Connect with Nicola at:

linkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/in/nicolagracie

twitter: @nic_gracie

email: nicola@carpediemwellbeing.com.au

You & more passionate professionals who want to help you

As part of the bodylove program, we have partnered with a range of experts in their respective fields. Together as a team they will help you at times throughout the program.  These include:

  • Physiotherapist, Catherine Macrae and the team from Motion Health www.motion-health.com.au
  • Natropath, Karina Farmers from Johanna Clark Natropathy
  • Chiropractor, wellbeing coach and author, Leandra Walker
  • Sandra Robins, Image Consultant.
  • and other passionate professionals.

When can I start the program 1 on 1?

The next available date to commence the one on one program is June 2017. Please contact Jacquie at info@CarpeDiemWellbeing.com.au to book in a time to chat more about whether or not the program is right for you.

When does the next group program start?

The next group bodylove program starts in Spring 2017. Please contact us to chat further about this option.

Group programs can also be commenced at any time with a group of co-workers / friends etc. Minimum number is usually 6. Please email info@CarpeDiemWellbeing.com.au for more information.

Want more information?

For more information please contact Jacquie asap at info@carpediemwellbeing.com.au

Register to attend a bodylove workshop:

The nexy round of bodylove workshops and information sessions will be held in Spring 2017.

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