Have you always wanted to get along to a farmers market but not sure where to go or never find time?  Come along with us on our good food tour and we will introduce you to the delicious and healthy world of fresh produce and local farmers.

Our tour leader, Stephanie Kenner, local and innovative foodie and cook, will guide you through the morning exploring and giving you insider tips on the Farmer’s market at the Collingwood Children’s Farm and then onto produce tasting and education at the Simon Johnson produce store.  Steph will share her knowledge and experience saving you time, money and hassels by knowing what to look out for!  You’ll be a pro farmers market goer in no time!   You are then welcome share in a fresh lunch together at the amazing Munsterhaus.

It is only $30 and we have bite sized mini bus so places are limited.  For more details and to register please see the information below.


Saturday 13th April at 7.45am – 1.00pm (or 12 noon if not staying for lunch)


It will be a small group of 8 people and you will be lead by our tour guide Stephanie Kenner.

The plan for the day:

  • 7.30am we will meet at Munsterhaus, 371 St George’s rd North Fitzroy and take a mini bus on tour for the day.
  • We will head to Collingwood Children’s farm market for a market tour and shopping.  http://www.farm.org.au/FarmersMarket.html
  • We will then head to Simon Johnson in Fitzroy for olive oil and balsamic vinegar tastings and to check out more beautiful pantry items.
  • At noon our mini bus will arrive back at Munsterhaus a vibrant, delicious vegetarian café and we would invite you to join us for lunch.  If you need to rush off you are free to go.

How much will it cost?

Tour costs $30! This includes:

  • mini bus hire and transport,
  • market entry,
  • market tour,
  • tastings at the market and Simon Johnson,
  • use of an esky for any cold produce purchased,
  • some delicious and healthy recipes to try at home with your new fresh produce.

This cost doesn’t include any produce that you buy or lunch at Munsterhaus ($15 to $20 for lunch).

What you will need to bring:

  • Closed walking shoes as it will be dusty underfoot or muddy if recent rain.
  • A small money pouch or pac, Steph suggests that you leave larger handbags behind.
  • Cash – most vendors are cash only, some meat, cheese suppliers have card machines. Munsterhaus is also cash only ($15-$20 for lunch). Simon Johnson accepts all cards.
  • A Shopping trolley (wheels) if you have one, or to share. (It is a bit of a walk from the minibus, so bags can get heavy).
  • Some smaller green bags to put individual items in as most vendors don’t supply bags.
  • Good idea to bring a small cold bag with ice bricks for any meat, dairy, fish purchases. We will have an esky in the minibus in case extra cold space is needed.

Register here: