Workout: 1 minute bullet

Session Style: Interval running session

Equipment: Stop watch (i-phone / i-pod)

Time:  approx. 20 minutes

If you don’t have a stop watch but the running track had markers, do 250meters running and count the minutes rest.

Details Notes
Warm Up
  • 5 minutes light jog
  • Stretch
  • A few 60meter runs building the pace up from a jog to a faster run
Session 1 minute on, 1 minute off

  • Run for 1 minute – get as far as you can, then rest for 1 minute – repeat 8 to 10 times
  • Rest for 5 minutes (completely stop and walk, grab a drink etc.)
  • If you have energy to run more – then you didn’t run them hard enough.  Only do more if you didn’t run the first set hard enough or you are doing these at a lower intensity.  You could aim to do another 4 reps.
Need timer
Core Do core after your running.  Hold each position for 30 seconds and rest for 30 seconds.

  • Plank – front on elbows
  • Side Plank – right
  • Side Plank – left
  • Plank – front on hands
  • Side Plank – right
  • Side Plank – left
Warm Down: 10 minutes full body stretching

 Beginner Variations

If you haven’t sprinted in a while you can do this session at a lower intensity by:

  1. Jogging or brisk walking

Make sure you are warmed up properly before you run.