Workout: 8 minutes to win it

Session Style: Longer interval running session

Equipment: Stop watch (i-phone / i-pod)

Time:  approx. 30 minutes

Remember how far you get in the 8 minutes and try to beat it each time.

Details Notes
Warm Up
  • 5 minutes light jog
  • Stretch
Session 2 x 8 minute runs

  • Run for 8 minutes – get as far as you can
  • Rest for 5 minutes (completely stop and walk, grab a drink etc.)
  • Run back in the other direction for 8 minutes and try to get past the place where you started the last run

Notes: You can do this running away from your house and then back to your house or around the tan or other running track in one direction and then back the other way.  You really need to push it running as fast as you can in each 8 minute run.

Need timer
Core Do core after your running.  Hold each position for 30 seconds and rest for 30 seconds.

  • Plank – front on elbows
  • Side Plank – right
  • Side Plank – left
  • Plank – front on hands
  • Side Plank – right
  • Side Plank – left
Warm Down: 10 minutes full body stretching

 Beginner Variations

If you haven’t sprinted in a while you can do this session at a lower intensity by:

  1. Jogging or brisk walking

Make sure you are warmed up properly before you run.