Workout: Full Body Betty

Session Style: Strength and Speed Circuit

Equipment: Dumbbells, stop watch (i-phone / pod) and step / bench

Time:  approx. 40 minutes

Warm up: 5 minutes light jog / run / cardio machines and stretch

Session: Do each exercise for 30 seconds.  Push to do as many repetitions as you can (still maintaining your form) then rest for 30 seconds. Do each exercise then rest for 3 to 5 minutes and then repeat for a second round.

Exercise Notes Equip.
1 Burpee do walking version if you need to
2 Reverse Curl on your back, legs in the air, reaching feet as high as possible by lifting your mid section
3 Push Ups on knees or feet
4 Squats Push down through the heels, knees aligned over the toes pulse as fast as you can
5 Plank hold on hands Just hold the position for 30 secs
6 Step ups Alternate lead leg – go fast! step / bench
7 Front raises – with dumbbells Keep arms straight, raise arms together out to straight 3 / 4 kgs dumbbells
8 Lunge pulse – right leg Step forward into lunge then pulse back knee up and down on the spot
9 Lunge pulse – right leg Step forward into lunge then pulse back knee up and down on the spot
10 Side twists With only your bottom on the ground (feet off the ground) rip the weight from left to right hip bones 3 / 4 kgs dumbbell
11 Side raises Keeping arms straight extend both arms out to the side 3kg dumbbells
12 Walking mountain climbers On hands and feet, in plank position, bring right leg to right hand and then left to left and continue to switch
13 Punches upwards Punch upwards with weights in hands – careful not to arch out the lower back 2 / 3kg dumbbells
14 Squat Jumps Be sure to squat first then jump as high as possible

Core: Do core after your second round of the circuit.  Hold each position for 30 seconds and rest for 30 seconds.

  • Plank – front on elbows
  • Side Plank – right
  • Side Plank – left
  • Plank – front on hands
  • Side Plank – right
  • Side Plank – left

Warm Down: 5 – 10 minutes full body stretching

Report in to Coach: Send in how many reps you did for each round.  Put an ‘and’ between the number for each round, like so: