Workout: Full Body Feast

Session Style: Strength and Speed Circuit

Equipment: Dumbbells, stop watch (i-phone / pod) and step / bench

Time:  approx. 40 minutes

Warm up: 5 minutes light jog / run / cardio machines and stretch

Dynamic Stretch:

Dynamic Stretch
10 x Star jumps
10 x Knee squeezes with a few ankle rolls
10 x Standing back twists – go slow and around as far as you can
10 x Windmills and hang out there for a stretch, to the right, left and middle
10 x Push ups – slow and easy – chest to floor
10 x Deep Squats – slow and controlled
10 x Big Shoulder shrugs – forwards and backwards
10 x Big Arm circles forwards and then backwards
Cross legged glute stretch with ankle twists each side hold for 20 seconds
10 x Climb the ladder extension stretch on the ground (extend the right arm up and right leg down and then repeat on the left)
1 x Lunges round the world with stretch hold at each position – front, side, back
Arm across the body stretch with wrist rolls each side
Join hands scoop chest with hands in front hold for 20 seconds then change hands to behind you and stick chest out for 20 seconds
Sumo squat – hang out down there for 30 seconds

Glute and TA activation: Do all of these exercises slowly and controlled.  Focus on feeling your glutes engage, your quads switch off (don’t let them tense up), a strong deep core and neutral pelvic position.

Exercise Notes Equip.
1 Leg lifts in lying position (one leg at a time) – 10 each leg Lay on your front, put your hand on your glutes.Engage the right glute (squeeze 50%) and then slowly lift that leg off the ground – making sure it is your glute doing the work not your hamstring (the back of the leg) repeat 10 times and then repeat on the other leg.
2 Leg lifts in standing position leaning against the wall (alternate legs) – 10 each leg Stand with hands on the wall, arms straight with your body slightly leaning towards the wall.  Make sure your pelvis is in neutral.Extend the right leg backwards (make sure the glute engages) and then the left, alternating legs.
3 Butt Lifts – 10 each leg Lay on the ground with both feet flat on the ground and knees bent.  Now lift your toes so only your heels are on the ground.Check your pelvis is in neutral.Drive the hips and butt upwards (stop at the point that you arch your back).  Then lower back to the ground.
4 Glute Kickback – 10 each leg On all fours, check the pelvis is in neutral.Drive one knee into the chest then drive that heel up towards the ceiling, whilst squeezing your glute on that side. Repeat 10 timesThen repeat on the other leg.
5 Single leg balance – 1 minute each leg Standing on one leg, neutral pelvis, stand tall – make sure your hips are even and one side isn’t hitched up or down.Close eyes and stand still, continually try to switch the quads off if they tense up.Repeat on the other leg
6 Single leg calf raises – 10 each leg Stand on one leg, neutral pelvis stand tall – make sure your hips are even and one side isn’t hitched up or down.Raise onto your toe, slow and controlled, then return to the ground.  Try to stay tall and stable.  Hold onto something if you need to.
7 TA Activation – 10 times on and off  Video at the bottom of the page if you can’t remember this one.

Session: Do each exercise for 40 seconds.  Push to do as many repetitions as you can (still maintaining your form) then rest for 20 seconds. Do each exercise then rest for 5 minutes and then repeat for a second round.  Use as high a weight as you can for each exercise.

Exercise Notes Equip.
1 Punches upwards Punch upwards with weights in hands – careful not to arch out the lower back 2-3kg
2 Sit up with overhead weight Hold a weight up over your chest with straight arms, sit up and push the weight up towards the roof 3-5kg
3 Squats with weights Focus on using glutes.  Hold the weights at your chest. 3-5kg
4 Lawn mower row Bent over at the hips, slightly bend your knees, face the ground.  Then crank your elbows back like you’re trying to start a lawn mower!  Focus on bringing your elbows towards the sky and shoulder blades together and down in a V. 4-5kg
5 Side Plank with weight – right Get into side plank with a dumbell in your top hand. Take as far as you can through the gap between your body and the mat (like you were passing it to someone behind you), then back up, extend your arm up the straight and repeat. 2-3kg
6 Side Plank with weight – left 2-3kg
7 High Knees Running on the spot with high knees – drive them up as high as possible.
8 Front and Side Raises Raise both hands to the front then both hands to the side. 3-5kg
9 Pull ins With only your bottom on the ground – extend your legs out to straight and your upper body backwards and then crunch your knees and chest back into the centre.
10 Walking mountain climbers On hands and feet, in plank position, bring right leg to right hand and then left to left and continue to switch 3-4 kg
11 Planks from elbows and hands Alternate between your hands and elbows in a plank position
12 Forward punching Punch forwards with dumbells in hands – think about moving your elbows back as far as possible and really quickly 4-5kg
13 Tricep pushups Pushups with your hands in a diamond shape and let your elbows flair out to the side.  –
14 Burpees

Core: Do core after your second round of the circuit.  Hold each position for 45 to 60 seconds and rest for 15 seconds after each hold.

  • Plank – front on elbows
  • Side Plank – right
  • Side Plank – left
  • Plank – front on hands
  • Side Plank – right
  • Side Plank – left

Warm Down: 5 – 10 minutes full body stretching

Report to coach: Text me and tell me – could you feel your glutes and core activating in the glute exercises and could you get your heart rate up in the strength circuit (without the jumps).

TA Activation Video:

 YouTube Preview Image