Workout: Run Rabbit Run

Session Style: Speed interval running

Equipment: Stop watch (i-phone / i-pod)

Time:  approx. 35 minutes

If you don’t have a stopwatch you can do this session by marking out a 80meter stretch, sprinting in one direction and jogging back to the start point.

Details Notes
Warm Up
  • 5 minutes light jog
  • Stretch
  • Do a 4  x 60m runs, building up from a jog to a faster run and sprint so that your legs are ready for the session
Session 15 seconds on / 45 seconds off

  • SPRINT for 15 seconds, jog very slowly for 45 seconds – do this 10 times
  • Rest for 5 minutes (completely stop and walk, grab a drink etc.)
  • SPRINT for 15 seconds, jog for 45 seconds – do this 8 times

Notes: Make sure there is a big difference between the speeds.  You should be sprinting at 90% then jogging very slowly.  You can do this around a track, like the tan or Albert Park or you can do this up and back in a straight line, Sprinting in one direction and then turning back around and jogging in the other direction.

Need timer
Core Do core after your running.  Hold each position for 30 seconds and rest for 30 seconds.

  • Plank – front on elbows
  • Side Plank – right
  • Side Plank – left
  • Plank – front on hands
  • Side Plank – right
  • Side Plank – left
Warm Down: 10 minutes full body stretching

 Beginner Variations

If you haven’t sprinted in a while you can do this session at a lower intensity by:

  1. Jogging and Walking
  2. Medium paced running and walking/jogging

Make sure you are warmed up properly before you run.