We understand that it can be hard to work out on your own – you’re not sure what to do and it can be easy to hit the snooze button when no one else is counting on you to come and workout!  That’s where we can help.  We know what you should be doing and will be there waiting for you every time!

  • We take you through a short, sharp and effective running interval sessions to help you get fitter, stronger and challenge your body to do things it may not have done for a while!
  • Everyone worksout at their own pace with the support of a trainer & the team.
  • Expect interval running sessions, running drills and core strength work.
  • We mix it up each session to keep it fresh and challenging for you and your body.

The details:

  • Sessions are Tuesdays and Thursday  from 6:15am to 7:00am at the Botanical Gardens, Melbourne.
  • Every session is different – we mix it up to keep you on your toes!

When: 2014 – Weekly Session Schedule

Tuesday 6:15am at the tan Thursday 6:15am at the tan
Running and Core Running and Core


  • We run the sessions in 4 week blocks.
  • You can join for 1 or 2 sessions per week.
  • Simply pay in cash at your first session for the month.
  • 1 session per week for 4 weeks – $60. Includes 4 sessions per month ($15 per session)
  • 2 session per week for 4 weeks – $100. Includes 8 sessions per month ($12.50 per session)

 Spring 2014 – 4 week training block schedule

September 4 week training sessions! October 4 week training block November 4 week training block
 Starts Tuesday September 9th Starts Tuesday October 7th Starts Tuesday November 4th

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We love running and running loves you

  • Train with a team in a structured training session with support.
  • Increase cardio fitness & core strength.
  • Increase speed & stamina to run faster for longer.
  • Improve your running style.
  • Sessions will target building muscle tone & increasing aerobic and anaerobic fitness.
  • Low impact options also for ladies with new or niggling injuries.
  • No long distance running, no heavy weights and no sweaty gyms.
  • Interval training and circuit training = more calories burned which is great for weight loss.
  • Suitable for ALL fitness levels – beginners to advanced.
  • Females only – no smelly boys allowed!
  • 45 minute sessions outdoors.
  • No pressure, no long term contracts or hidden fees!

Location and Meeting Spot

Training is at the Botanical Gardens – ‘The Tan’. We meet on Alexandra avenue on the river side across fro the 500m marker.  This is roughly halfway between the zero marker and the bottom of the Anderson st hill.  We are next to a crossing and a toilet block. Check out the map below.


What our clients think of our fitness sessions

“I have really enjoyed the circuit sessions, I actually want to get out of bed ! I work in front of a computer all week so it’s a nice change doing push ups in the dirt. My fitness level has increased, & I can actually feel stomach muscles. The trainers make it fun, & adapt the workout to each individual person. I’ve really enjoyed the all-female group atmosphere of circuits & would highly recommend it to any woman with any fitness goal.” – Emily, Melbourne
“I can’t speak highly enough of Carpe Diem Wellbeing – the trainers are amazing. Knowledgeable, approachable & enthusiastic I look forward to every session.  They always bring a smile & a real sense of fun – but don’t be fooled! They will still push you to your limits always encouraging you to go that bit further – but you walk away feeling like you really “worked out” & the time flew by. Best of all you see actual results. I’d always wanted to learn how to run – I could never understand why I could work out at the gym for an hour ok but run 500m & want to pass out. They took it back to basics, teaching me running technique from head to toe.  Thank you!” – Katie, East Melbourne

FAQs about our fitness sessions

The group will warm up and stretch together to ensure your body is ready to make the most of the fitness sessions.

There will be a variety of exercises to give you a whole body workout.   There will be exercises for your arms, legs, abs, core, back and some to get your heart pumping.  All of the exercises will have options depending on your level of fitness.  For people with specific injuries please let us know in advance and we can give you options to work around your injury so that you still get a great workout.

You need to wear comfortable sports clothing and bring a bottle of water.  We’ll provide all the equipment and inspiration!

No worries at all!  If you’re only up to walking we can help you to improve your fitness and hopefully have you jogging the 5km fun run without stopping

Our sessions are going to help you increase the intensity of your running by using structured interval training.  This will help you improve your running speed and achieve the faster times you’ve always wanted to!