Well done on signing up and committing to some support and action – your body will love you for it.


If we haven’t already – we will be in contact to confirm the details of when and when we will train via email.


SORRY! There are currently no sessions running in the first half of 2016.
Further 2016 dates to be released.


  • Sessions are on at 6:15am- 7:00am on Tuesday & Thursday mornings.


  • 1 session a week $60.
  • 2 sessions a week $100.
  • Casual cost is $15 a session.

Please bring cash to the first session if possible. Contact us for bank transfer details.

Location and Meeting Spot: Training is at the Botanical Gardens – ‘The Tan’. We meet on Alexandra avenue on the river side across fro the 500m marker.  This is roughly halfway between the zero marker and the bottom of the Anderson st hill.  We are next to a crossing and a toilet block. Check out the map below.

Map of meeting spot
If you’re not familiar with the area make sure you get there a little earlier on your first session to find the spot. Call Nicola on 0403 515 089 if you get lost. See the graphic below also.



Do yourself a favour – open up your diary and put all the sessions in and highlight them!  Make it a priority to stick to all the sessions – rain, hail or shine, hangover, late night or tired!  LET THE TRAINING BEGIN!

What if it rains?
The sessions will be on rain, hail or shine.  If it rains you’ll just get a little wet but you’ll still get a great workout.  Make sure if it is raining that you bring a towel and a dry jumper to put on afterwards.  See this blog post for more information about running in the rain.

What do I need to wear and bring?
You need to wear comfortable sports clothing, runners and bring a bottle of water.   We’ll provide all the equipment and inspiration!

How hard should I work out?
The aim of the sessions is to get your heart rate up, to burn some calories & improve your cardio fitness whilst building your lean muscle mass at the same time.  Sounds like a mouthful!  What it means is we need you to work hard within your own abilities and fitness level.  We’ll be there to push you but you need to push yourself too!  Start out at a pace and level that you feel comfortable with and if you feel like you can go harder in the next exercise or the next week please do!  The harder you work for the 45 minutes the more you will get out of it!

What if I feel pain in an exercise or I feel injured?
If you feel a pain that feels like a new injury or an old one coming back please stop the exercise and speak up straight away.  If there is a particular exercise that causes you pain, we can find you another exercise to do that won’t aggravate your injury.  Of course if you have any current injuries please tell us before you start.

Should I eat before and after the session?
Some people like to eat before they work out and others don’t.  If you do want to eat before the workout, foods like a small bowl of museli or a banana is a good idea.  After the session we recommend that you eat something with some protein to help replenish the stores and of course drink plenty of water.

What if I’m sore after the session?
We actually hope that you are sore after each session!  Being a little sore means you’ve worked hard and your muscles are repairing and strengthening.  The most important thing to do when you’re sore is to “move and stretch”.  Going for a light walk or jog and stretching will get the blood moving through your muscles and help to flush away muscle soreness.

If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to ask by email or at the sessions.