Give up dieting and quick fix plans

Take control.  Be the boss of your own wellbeing routine

Love your body and love you life

What is the love your body love your life 1-on1 coaching program?

It is a 16 week course that teaches women how to take back control and create their own balanced wellbeing routine.  We do this through education and support in the areas of nutrition, fitness, movement, balance, mindset and team.

We aim to have women leave the program feeling more confident and thriving both physically and mentally.  We want you to become the boss of taking care of yourself and after doing this program you won’t be taken on any more fads or roller coaster rides.  You will be able to make decisions day to day that leave you feeling healthy, productive and happy – effortlessly.

You will love your body and love your life.

We work with women who:

  • Want to work out a balanced approach to their health and fitness that works for her lifestyle – she doesn’t want to sacrifice happiness (or Friday night drinks, beautiful dinners and chocolate!) to be fit and healthy.
  • Are confused and frustrated by all of the conflicting information on food, exercise and weight loss
  • Are sick of going from diet to fad to strict regime – they want a consistent, sensible and balanced way forward.
  • Are genuinely seeking to be more educated in the areas of nutrition and fitness.
  • Think that they know what they should be eating and doing for exercise but aren’t 100% confident they really know for sure.
  • Have gained a few kilos over the last few years with working more and moving less and are struggling to find a way to shift the weight – she wants to be strong, fit and proud of her body.
  • Feel that she is not as happy as she could be, starting to feel little stagnant and lack lustre.  She wants to be feeling happy, energised and excited day to day.
  • Feels like it is a struggle making day to day decisions about what to eat and how to exercise – she wants it to be effortless and easier.
  • Has a busy and full life juggling a career, catching up with friends, fitting in exercise, hobbies and traveling.
  • Are getting past the non stop partying of their early 20s and are starting to realize it might to time to take care of her body, (although you still love a night out and going out for nice dinners with her friends!)
  • Ultimately wants confidence and control of their mind and body.  She wants to know that what she is doing is right for her and she is in control of the way she looks and thinks.

What does the program include?

  • 14 x 75 minute coaching and education sessions with Jacquie Sharples – 1 on 1 at a time and location convenient to you.
  • 3 x 60 minute fitness training coaching sessions to track your progress and educate you on how to get more out of your fitness training.
  • Bespoke fitness program based on your individual consultation.  It will take into account time available, what you enjoy, where you work and live and what you are already doing.
  • 1 x 60 minute Movement Assessment by the most amazing physiotherapist in Melbourne, Catherine MaCrae at Motion Health in Toorak.
  • Fit Bit movement tracker
  • Video series with mobility and stretching routines to relieve the issues associated with sedentary work.
  • Workbook (over 250 pages) including all coaching material.
  • Recipes.
  • Weekly tasks related to each coaching and education session
  • Non stop accountability system with phone and email support.
  • Detox designed by Karina Farmers, Natropath from Johanna Clark Natropathy here in Melbourne.
  • Optional VLA body assessments (to be quoted individually)

How long does the program take.

Ideally 16 weeks (4 months).  However it is flexible and can be extended beyond that if you have holidays / hectic work schedule etc.

What do other women think who have done the program?

Check out what our clients think below.  If you want to chat to any of them about their experience please let us know and we will give you their contact details or stalk them on facebook and send them a private message :).

This is what Rita, 27, Editor in Melbourne had to say:

“To say that I endorse this program would be an understatement. Before I started the program, I was feeling really unmotivated, overwhelmed with all the conflicting information that is out there and battered physically and working with Jacquie has been the antidote to all of that. I have learnt so much about nutrition, exercise, movement and mindset and each week I walk away from the sessions feeling invigorated and more committed to looking after myself.

Everything I had tried previously involved me having to subscribe to a set of strict rules and me having to sacrifice the happiness that comes from enjoying a meal or a drink with friends for the happiness that comes with looking good and being fit. But I now realise that enjoying life and being healthy and looking good aren’t mutually exclusive. I can’t advocate the program highly enough.”

And this is from Tori, 27, Project Officer in Melbourne

“I really enjoy exercise, and always have. Prior to meeting Jacquie, I had been a dedicated boot camp fanatic and was relatively fit and strong. From a fitness perspective, I felt good. But I had never been able to shift the weight I wanted to.

I looked into diets. I tried calorie counting, and it worked for a while, but just was never going to be a sustainable weight management technique for me. Who really wants to be doing maths all day?! I was at a loss as to what I was doing wrong and where I could find help. Through the coaching I’ve developed such a great appreciation for food. I understand why my body needs food, what type of food I need and how to fuel my body to not only lose weight, but be healthy on the inside.

The program breaks information down into manageable chunks and turns overwhelming amounts of conflicting information into sense. The program helps to draw out the mental and emotional aspects of health and fitness too. As the program progressed, it helped me identify how I feel about my body, why I feel a certain way and develop ways of improving the way I feel about myself. At the end of the program, I feel that I have collected all the tools I need to be able to achieve everything I need to live a fit, healthy lifestyle and love my body. I know where exercise fits, how to eat well, and have a rejuvenated sense of self and what I want out of life. The format of the program allows you to learn new things, apply the learning and continue to consolidate and build on the information as the program progresses. I would highly recommend the program to anyone who is keen to achieve a health or fitness goal, or just understand their body better and improve their lifestyle This program has changed my life for the better & I’m not going back!”  

And Racheal, 28, Research Nurse in Melbourne

“I did Jacquie’s love your body love your life program in 2012. The wealth of information provided, along with the support from Jacquie, empowered me to take control of my health and fitness. I felt challenged, completely accountable and I really enjoyed the journey. Jacquie’s “tweak” approach made things achievable and sustainable. Now I am fit, have lost weight, and feel healthier than ever. But most of all, I know that my new approach to wellbeing is here to stay. I can’t thank Jacquie enough for dedicating her time and passion into making the lyblyl program available to women like me. As Jacquie says – “what are you waiting for”…so get on board!”

When can I start?


What does the program cost?

The program costs $2,400.  There are flexible payment options.

Want to know more about the program or interested in joining?

Please contact Jacquie on or 0402 066 948 to book in.